It’s Mango Season! This is a special time of the year that every Pakistani is waiting for and everyone has their own fave – whether its Sindhri, Chaunsa or Ratol. Ramazan isn’t going to stop us Pakistanis from enjoying the mango season, whether its  receiving or giving mango crates ( Paitee’s) as gifts or just simply waiting for iftari time to devour the fruit. This season there is not a table in town that doesn’t have mangoes in some kind of form on its table, whether its for iftari or for Sehri.

Since this fruit is so rich on its own, it doesn’t need a lot of intervention in order for your to enjoy it but there are lots of different ways to enjoy mangoes. There are many ways to devour the Mango, from softening it and sucking it straight from the skin, to cutting up it in slices at the dinner table to share amongst the family, or simply cutting it in cubes and having it with a fork, everyone has their own guilty pleasures in mango season. Bearing in mind that in Ramzan we want Jhat Phat recipe ideas that take the least amount of time in the kitchen, we’ve got some great mango ideas for you – and we can’t wait to hear how you eat yours!

A Pakistani’s pride and joy : The Mango
  1. Mango with Roti, Paratha, or Puri

Different mangoes can be used in different ways; the mango that has become a bit soft and is not so fun to eat on its own, can be whipped up as aam ka ras or as a smoothie. There’s nothing like “aam ka ras” with roti, though people can come to blows about whether the ras should be blended by hand and left with lumps or blended to a smooth texture. Another delicious way to devour your mangos, is to have it with ‘daal bhaarey Paratha’.  So you have Paratha’s stuffed with dried daal and masala’s, and combine it with mangos. And of course the equally sinful ( and totally fattening) Aam with Puri is also a deadly combination.

2. Mango Smoothie

If you prefer a milkshake or smoothie,  scoop out the soft mangos, and chuck it into a blender. Make a milkshake by adding in milk and a little bit of cream, or a Lassi by whipping it up with yoghurt and water, or be a bit adventurous with some ice-cream, nuts and condiments to whip up the ultimate Falooda! This is the perfect wholesome drink during Iftari or Sehri.

The Extravagant Mango Falooda

3. Mango with Cream, Custard or Ice Cream

The mango’s delicious sweet and tangy taste makes it the perfect fruit for your dessert table. Apart from having it on its own, it can just be simply mixed in with some thick cream,and  topped off with some crushed nuts and cinnamon. My personal favourite, is just to cut up some mangos and layer them with your local vanilla ice cream – not only does the combination of vanilla and mango go really well, the cold dessert is the perfect post iftari treat especiallly in this hot weather! A chilled mango custard is also the perfect summer dessert, layer up the fruit with some store bought vanilla cake, and custard, and top it off with some cream.

The Perfect Summer Dessert for an Iftari Party

4. Kairi Ka Sherbet ( Raw Mango Juice)

Along with Mango’s, Kairis are also thoroughly enjoyed in this season. While many people love to make an assortment of pickles, chutneys and achaars that can be used for a longer period of time, Kairi ka sherbet is a great thirst quencher. The best way to make it is to lightly boil them so the mango flesh softens, and then peel the kairi. Once you have the softened kairi, blend it with water, a pinch of sugar and kalla namak with a few mint leaves. This makes a delicious sherbet, which is perfect to beat this heat!

Kairi Ka Sherbet is made using raw mangos

5. Mango Fruit Chaat

Fruit Chaat is mandatory in the month of Ramzan, and the mango is the perfect addition. My fruit chaat has just been so damn boring before the Mango season. It was just some apples, banana’s and sometimes pears. Adding in the Mango has just made it so much more delicious and now there is never any left anymore for my mid-night snack. No need for any extra sugar or chaat masala in my fruit chaat to make it more tasty – the mango has taken over. Add in a dash of some orange juice and top it off with a few cherries, and its perfect!

Mango Fruit Chaat an essential at every iftari table this Ramzan

6. Mango Salad or Salsa

The one thing about the Mango is that its so versatile. It can be used in almost every course of a meal. A great way to used the flavor is to add it in to salads, its best to use the mango’s that are slightly unripe for this purpose. Cut them up in cubes and mix it up with some corn, spring onions, bell peppers, and little bit of olive oil and herbs. Serve it with corn chips or tortilla’s and it makes a great appetizer. Other varieties of salads that one can  make are salsas and dips.

Almas Haider

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