Hop On The Hottest Trends Bandwagon This Shadi Season

It’s difficult to out-do your own self every time when it comes to shadi season. It’s exciting, for sure, and we’re constantly waiting for it to roll around, but when it’s finally upon us, we go blank. The usual problems: I-don’t-have-anything-to-wear, how-on-earth-am-I-going-to-find-jewellery-and-shoes-that-go-with-my-outfit, will-I-even-fit-in-the-clothes-I-wore-last-year? And while we can’t help you with the latest of those questions, here’s a guideline that you might want to keep in mind while bending your wardrobe and getting your appearance in check.

Head to toe: pistachio

While true reds and oranges do make classical statements at shadis and of course, the bright yellows and plush greens are traditional to mehndis and dholkis, it was the overwhelming presence of pistachio on the runways that caught our eye. Just like the nut, this hue is addicting. You don’t necessarily need to be clad in pistachio everything – kameez, shalwar, dupatta, bag, shoes – the colour is not only very crisp, clean and unique, it’s also pretty easy to bend your already-decked, festive wardrobe to accommodate this trend.

Mahira Khan rocking pistachio – this trend isn’t necessarily for shadis, it can easily be incorporated in your casuals

Cherry eyes

Shadi season is the quintessential time for going all out with makeup. It’s often when we look to add some extra polish or sophistication to our beauty regimen compared to the more laissez-faire approach we adopt through spring and summer. Every festive season we do red on the lips, but if you’re looking for a big change, try the hue on your lids.

How to wear red on the eyes

Smudge on a deep, velvety, cherry pigment, then top with neon red liner for an artsy, alluring touch. When done right, a matte eye is moody yet luxurious like a cashmere sweater.

Pops of neon

Neon is making a surefire resurgence, and it’s very wearable when diffused in the inner corner. Metallic or matte, it brilliantly animates an otherwise monochrome look. All you need to complete the look is a slick of neutral lip gloss and a touch of mascara. Another way of incorporating neon into your makeup is by ditching your basic black liner for a sleek swipe of neon to brighten eyes. All you need to complete the look is a slick of neutral lip gloss and a touch of mascara.

Bushy brows

Rehmat Ajmal and Eman Suleman rocking natural brows

It’s time to forget the perfectly shaped, Instagram-worthy and Instagram-inspired, sculpted eyebrows and embrace the raw ones. The thread is being replaced by tweezers and spoolies for grooming (to groom, brush up brows with a spoolie; then, fill in sparse spots with a brow pencil using small, feathery strokes). If bushy brows aren’t your cup of tea, then shape your brows in a natural arch, by tweezing the stray hairs, instead of a total clean up. Don’t forget to check out our post dedicated to this eyebrow trend: http://www.karachista.com/ditch-the-thread-eyebrow-trends-for-2019/

dew, dew, DEW

The skin can get so dry and dull during winter, when there’s no moisture in the air and cold winds assault our faces. This healthy glow is all about moisture – dewy skin with minimal makeup looks healthy, fresh and chic — that super-healthy, I-totally-drank-enough-water-today glow that is easy to achieve, even if your daily water intake is less than ideal. Use a foundation that works for your skin instead of against it, that has SPF (which is just as important in the winter as it is during the summer) and helps protect the skin from pollution. Layer on a light, translucent highlighter to maintain that all-over dew and you’re ready to face the wedding.

Notably missing from this trend: shimmery highlighters.

Let your earrings talk

This wedding season, trade in your chunky maalas for statement earrings and let them steal the show. Whether you opt for over-sized, traditional jhumkas or contemporary twists on meenakari baaliyan is up your street, make sure your earrings do the talking. Esfir, Allure by MHT are great one-stop places for your jewellery fix-ins – we also have a post up about spots we love to pick up jewellery from: http://www.karachista.com/jewelry-brands-we-cant-get-enough-of/


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