HSY at Pantene Hum Showcase 2018

This year at the Hum Showcase 2018, HSY featured his collection “Musafir”. Musafir (مسافر) is a word in Arabic, Persian, Hindi and Urdu meaning traveler. In Romanian and Turkish, the word Musafir means ‘guest’ as an alternative to ‘konuk’ but is spelled as misafir. 

HSY’s collection yearns to emphasize that we are all Musafirs in this journey of life and we could truly benefit with the guidance of inspirational and motivational rolemodels along the way. With half of the nation’s population under the age of 35, we are a young and vibrant country with limitless possibilities. However, our new generation needs new Millennial Musafir Mentors with a fresh perspective to help guide them through life’s new twist and turns. Reminding us to stand tall and brave and know that nothing is impossible. And, that diversity is beautiful and to keep the flame of hope alive in us all. 

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