Hussain Rehar, being a staunch practitioner of expression through embellishment, drew the idea of bold and flamboyant into edgy yet chic embellishment, empowering the modern women of Pakistan. His collection was indeed a memory of the future. The showcased capsule was fast paced, electrifying and fierce. Rehar’s vision involved amalgamation of futuristic visuals blending with bold embellishments: “The Fifth Dimension’. 

Slip dresses, multicoloured trousers, power suits, body-con statement pieces with a pop of colour and slicked back French knotted braids added an extra oomph factor. The ensembles were paired with striking accessories including edgy and statement “HR” earrings, transparent tote bags with water bottles and sports shades, all of which urged the modern, 21st century woman to step out of her comfort zone. The dynamic colour contrasts used were inspired from the cosmos – far in the depths of the universe, varying from striking blues to bright reds, mustards, mud-greens, crisp whites, symbolising the freedom gifted to women in today’s adaptive era.

Hussair Rehar PSFW ’19


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