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From styling apps to shop the look platforms, the world of online fashion is expanding by the day. For style hoarders and fashionistas around the world, that means one thing – more ACCESSIBILITY. Instagram, Pinterest and the like bring the latest trends to your fingertips but social media is a double edged sword: with dozens of ppl seeing your outfits, freshness is everything. How exciting would it be if you could wear that ONE dress you’ve been crushing on for days simply by renting it out?

To find out more about this concept, we visited T2F recently to hear California based entrepreneur Sumaira Nabeel in conversation about her fashion start-up called “Indus Threads”. Sumaira started a fashion tech company named “Indus Threads” back in 2015 based on the concept of renting clothes to people in the west, particularly the South Asian community, that is always on a look-out for a one-time wear to a family wedding or a cultural gathering.

Although not an entirely new concept in the tech market, Indus Threads works because of its “means to an end” mantra that focuses particularly on the South Asian community in the west that, unlike us, does not need eastern clothes all year round. It’s also is a catchy concept for other communities in the west because it allows them to experiment with their style by introducing fashion from eastern countries in their wardrobes. “They are mesmerized by Deepika, Madhuri and other Bollywood heroines and want that bling in their wardrobes,” said Sumaira. According to her, having this kind of online venture in the west not only helps the South Asians at the fashion end but also serves as a platform through which Pakistani fashion can be recognized.

From a purely fashion perspective, such ventures also give Pakistani fashion a universal appeal with reach to a wider audience. Styles such as short shirts, pants, capes and jackets can be worn as tunics, short dresses, embellished uppers and statement pants by the western consumers. Sumaira illustrated many such examples where women from different backgrounds other than South Asia asked for pieces by our designers because of their individual appeal.

Currently, the website features clothes from some of the top designers from Pakistan and India. Pakistani designers include Ayesha Hashwani, Delphi, Elan, Karma, Maheen Karim, Muse, Nadia Farooqui, Nida Azwer, Sania Maskatiya, Sanober Azfar, Sehrish Rehan, Tena Durrani and Wardha Saleem.

So why not in Pakistan yet?

As a working fashion/beauty correspondent, I have to admit that the idea of renting clothes can work wonders as you’re always on the go and want statement pieces for different events. However, much to my disappointment, this service is not yet available in Pakistan. While Sumaira wishes to introduce the service in Pakistan in the future, she thinks it will take time for the move to happen. One of the on-board designers, Wardha Saleem, who was also present at the event explained why the idea would not work in Pakistan. “I think it’s a different sector altogether. In Pakistan, as a designer, I have a wider reach and this service would ultimately affect my business,” said Wardha.


Still, we can’t wait for the service to come to Pakistan because of its customer-friendly and accessible approach towards fashion.


Eeman Salman and Sumaira Nabeel
Sumaira with Eeman Salman




Amna Ayaz Khan
Amna Ayaz Khan
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