Jab We Met: College sweethearts

Khurram and I were in the same school since O levels, but didn’t’ know each other. We got to know each other in A levels, because we had one class together and we had mutual friends so over time we became friends.

We became friends in school

For our school’s final year trip we all went to Lahore, and it just so happened that we were on the same bus for the whole trip. When in Lahore, we started to spend more time together and I started to like him because he was really funny. In the 3 – day trip,every single day coincidentally we would end up wearing the same colour of clothes. It was really funny, everyone around us noticed, and would take pictures of us together and that brought us closer.

We became close on the trip to Lahore

When we got back from the trip we would regular talk to each other, on facebook, text and on the phone. After a couple of months passed, he asked me to be his date at the farewell ball, it was for fun, neither one of us took it seriously because we were both graduating and had different plans.

We would spend ages talking to each other

By the stroke of nature we both ended up going to the same college. Both of us were away from home for the first time, we had the same group of friends and we ended up spending time together. We would be together the whole day, and a couple of months in college together we realized that we were genuinely in love with each other.

He spoiled me with gifts, hidden all over campus



He declared his love for me, through a huge romantic gesture and bought me loads of gifts, and I was smitten. We didn’t think about the future, and continued to date for a year and a half, and realized over time that we were getting very serious and started to talk about marriage.

Over time we became serious about each other.

By the end of college we spoke to our respective families, being from totally different backgrounds neither side agreed. Over time we realized they wouldn’t agree, and we weren’t the sort that could fight and go against our parents. We broke up after that, and both went through our highs and lows of depression, it was hard because we would see each other in college and we had so many memories together, it was hard for the both of us to let go.

It was so difficult to break up
It was so difficult to break up

In the summer before our final year, I tried to speak to him and see if things could work.  I thought I could convince my parents, but it was his parents that put their foot down and said no way and were dead against it. That’s when I realized that I needed to stop getting upset about it and needed to accept this. I decided to put my feelings down and wrote everything I felt in a huge journal, and gave it to him.

I poured out all my feelings
I poured out all my feelings

I told him I don’t want him to reply, and I don’t want him to talk about it but I could move on now. I still see him around, and we are civil to each other but now I know he is not the one for me.

Khurram and Maha, are still friends and both trying to find out what they want to do after college. They both know they can’t get married to each other and have accepted it.  

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