Johnny Rockets Karachi turns 1

Johnny Rockets Karachi
Johnny Rockets Karachi

I can’t believe that Johnny Rockets in Karachi has turned 1 and I’ve only just gotten round to checking it out. They held a bloggers meet recently and I finally tried their burgers and shakes.

Bloggers Maliha Rao, Umair Mirza and Hasina Khanani

I’ve had Johnny Rockets abroad and honestly there wasn’t much difference. My favourite thing at Johnny Rockets has always been the yummy shakes and these were as good as I remember. I tried the strawberry and butterfinger flavours and both were creamy and delicious.

Johnny Rockets Karachi
They throw in an extra serving
strawberry milkshake at Johnny Rockets Karachi
The delicious strawberry shake

They served the shakes to us as shots which was great because not only are the shakes incredibly filling, the serving size is huge. You get a huge glass of milkshake plus a steel mixing cup that contains almost as much again. Definitely share with someone if you are ordering one of these.

Johnny Rockets Karachi
Nothing like a juicy burger

As for the burger itself, it was soft, meaty and moist with a smooth bun that’s a little reminiscent of McDonalds but fluffier and fresher. The fries were looked a little pale but were acceptably crisp and hot – and neither too thin nor too chunky. I ordered the original burger but you can choose add-ons ranging from sourdough onion rings to beef bacon. While burgers are never going to be a healthy option, at least the burgers at Johnny Rockets are grilled not fried.

Johnny Rockets Karachi
Cheerful and atmospheric – Johnny Rockets Karachi
Johnny Rockets Karachi
A classic jukebox at Johnny Rockets Karachi

I also like the vintage Americana ambience at Johnny Rockets – the jukebox, the booths and the chirpy cheeriness of the waiters. I may need to add another gym visit to my schedule but Johnny Rockets is definitely on my re-visit list.

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Salima Feerasta
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