We just found the Wedding Cake of our Dreams

We just found the wedding cake of our dreams – 5 tiers, 80 pounds and covered in the most incredible, delicate edible lace and flowers – and best of all made right here in Karachi.

Handcrafted by Amna Tauqueer from YUM, this immaculate couture cake stands as an absolute work of art. It all started two months before the wedding when the bride got in touch asking for a truly special cake. Amna explains,

“Since I design and create bespoke cakes rather than picking design elements from pre-existing styles, I love nothing more than meeting the client for a consultation and hearing all about their vision of what they want their special day to look like.  I then align their wishes with my design sensibility and come up with something that complements all aspects of their big day.  The bride had a clear idea of the kind of cake that she wanted. From the colour to the decorative accents and the flavours…. the cake reflected the bride’s vision. She wanted a grand yet ethereal design that reflected her expectations of what her big day would be like : majestic and utterly beautiful !”

For the base colour Amna chose a rich satin white and added hand-painted gold accents including swags, tassels , edible lace , beaded swags , and scroll borders to impart a ‘Royal’ feel to the Cake …. something fit for a princess!  The flowers were all made of edible gumpaste and dusted with muted shimmer. There were 5 different kind of flowers : lilies symbolising  new beginnings and purity; ivory roses symbolising thoughtfulness and charm ; hydrangeas denoting gratitude ; peonies for romance and prosperity and finally jasmine for good luck. Together these floral accents represented the spirit of immense love and gratitude that permeated their union.

Each of the five tiers was a different flavour and incorporated the bride and groom’s favourites: vanilla caramel, vanilla butterscotch, Belgian chocolate malt, dark chocolate with salted caramel and lastly red velvet with a cream cheese filling….yummmmm!  All the layers of this five-tiered cake had a Belgian chocolate ganache and were covered in a handmade almond flavour fondant.

Putting together a cake this size is no mean feat. Amna revealed the effort that went into putting the cake together,

“The biggest challenge faced in the assembly of this enormous cake was to make it sturdy enough to hold its gorgeous shape but also remain moist and rich. Decoration was also quite a task – each of the flowers is handcrafted and it took forever to assemble.”

Making a cake that is as ornate and detailed as this creation naturally takes time. With the base around 2 feet wide, it took a whole day to bake the 5 layers of the cake. Another 5-6 hours were devoted to filling each of the layers and overlaying them in ganache. Covering the cake in fondant and adding accents and painting them in edible gold took another 5 to 6 hours. Each petal was hand molded and wired for all the different types of flowers on the cake. The creation was finally assembled at the venue and the delicate flowers were added right in the end – assembly alone took over two hours!!

Well we think it was worth it – it looks divine and a little bird at the wedding tells us it tasted as good as it looked ?!


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