So Karachi Eat is over for another year – and even though it’s crowded and the traffic is terrible, the food festival has become one of Karachi’s iconic annual events. It’s a great way to try out a bunch of home bakers, caterers, restaurants and street stalls – with everything from chapli kebab and chaat to chicken wings and khowsuey. It’s a bit of a ‘burger’ event – with this side of the bridge-wallahs swooning over the street food of their youth…and over-paying for food that’s a fraction of the price on Burns Rd. With average prices ranging from Rs100-Rs300, there was some great value for money and some total rip-offs. Gur-walli chai is yummy but at Rs100 a cup, that’s kinda pricey and so is pink lemonade at Rs150 a cup from Pantry – but a Mongolian Beef Bowl from Soi at Rs300 is cheap at the price. But it’s still a great chance to sample some great food from all over the city. We went, we ate and ate and ate – and here’s what we thought.

Food we loved at Karachi Eat

First the savoury food of course!

  • Nom Nom Tacos
  •  Crunch Munch’s chicken wings
  • Chapli Kebab
  • Jucy Lucy’s burger
  • Chaat from a variery of vendors
  • Stuffed naan at Naan Sahab
  • Gol Gappay
  • Pulled Beef sandwiches from Down to Eat
  • Open Face smoked mackerel Danish sandwiches

Garam garam deliciousness ?? #karachieat2017 – and that’s all for now – totally in a #foodcoma

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And then for the Sugar Overdose!

  • Crepe Tease’s crepes
  • The gelato choux puffs at Lals – even though they were Rs150 for a two bite dessert
  • Cheesecake at La Sacher
  • Funnel Cake with icecream from Lady Margaret
  • Waffle cart waffles
  • Rafhan desserts by Amna Tauqeer of Yum
  • Delicious Desserts by PeekFreans Cafe


Things we wish we’d had room for…..the list is endless….

  • Fatso Chilli fries
  • Fried Oreos
  • Fried Pomfret from G.R. Catering
  • Pav Bhaji
  • More Gol Gappay
  • Steak Sandwiches from OKO meat
  • D’oh Churros – though the jury’s out on those
  • Berry smoothies from Wholesome Foods
  • Dosas at Khao Dosa
  • Tiramisu at La Sacher
  • Paan shots from Naye Namooney
  • The Waffie
  • Roll-up Icecreams from Nora Got Sweet Tooth
  • Potato Cups from Kuiya


Things that need to be done better

All that exposed wiring was an accident waiting to happen. The security was tight in terms of the family only rule but security in general it was pretty lax, especially just outside the venue. Tickets were being sold by touts on Sunday night for people who presumably didn’t want to queue or who didn’t have a woman with them to buy the tickets. When we went on Saturday near noon, not everything was open though by 1:30 most stalls were operational. There were too many Khow Suey stalls and not even one Falooda stall – and where was the koyla karahi guy this time?

Things that were surprisingly good

There was more seating that previous years and ample walking space – though iId still recommend taking a blanket to sit on to leave the seats for seniors. There were toilets slightly offsite but clean and useable. The Lifebuoy hand-washing stations were a godsend and many of the corporate stalls had really got into the spirit. From Rafhan with their desserts by Yum to Meezan with their Rs30 Haleem, the stalls offered excellent value for money and some delicious dishes. The National Biryani and the Rs10 Chai Paratha by Dalda in particular beat pricier offerings!

Overheard at Karachi Eat

“get out of my way I want to eat a bun kebab”

“Wtf was that – just blech”

“Let’s have another one.”

“There’s a queue you know”

“hey that was mine”

“they ran out of icecream? What’s the use of a funnel cake without icecream?”

“The Waffie was totally overated”

“i wonder how many gallons of Nutella they’ve gone through here – there’s tons at every other stall.”

“I’m a blogger, don;t you know me? Give me free food. Oh your food is bad but give me free food or I’ll ruin you!” (for the record all we ate free was one gol gappa and one choux gelato puff !)

“The Burns Road kheer still isn’t here? Burns Road isn’t that far from here.”

“I know why that kheer isn’t here. First they’ve gone to find a cow, then they’ll milk it….”

“Chicken wings in one hand, chocolate waffle in the other – that’s how you do a food festival.”

“You didn’t save any for me?!!!”

“What shall we eat next?”




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