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L’Oreal Pro Fiber Review – TLC for your hair

L’Oreal Profession Pakistan has an impressive new hair treatment range L’Oreal Pro Fiber, that it’s rolling out to premium salons soon. One of my favourite blogger perks is getting to try new luxe treatments before they’re available elsewhere. Not every new treatment is a hit but I’ve been using the L’Oreal Profiber homecare range for five weeks since my initial treatment at the L’Oreal Pro Academy and my hair is definitely softer, easier to manage and in better condition generally.

L’Oreal Pro Fiber – intense hair care for damaged hair -how it works


L’Oreal Profiber is an intensive hair care system for damaged hair that combines intensive in-salon treatments and home-care products to holistically treat hair damage. Pro-Fiber has three different ranges, each optimised for different levels of damage. It’s all very well getting the occasional hair treatment at home but if you’re not following that up with after-care at home, the effects fade rapidly. Pro Fiber aims to build on the salon treatment with a tailor-made shampoo and masque conditioner, supplemented by a weekly recharge booster that you can apply at home. It basically feels like a very luxe, intense protein treatment that you boost at home.

L'Oreal Pro Fiber products at the L'Oreal Academy
L’Oreal Pro Fiber products at the L’Oreal Academy

My experience with L’Oreal Pro Fiber

My session began with the an in-depth consultation with the hairdresser. She asked about how often I wash my hair, the styling techniques I use, the products I use, how often I colour or highlight my hair etc etc – by the time she was done, she could probably write my hair’s life story! She then tested my hair, checking its texture and how strong it is. Having done that she recommended the Restore range – based on my medium thickness hair with a fair amount damage. The damage part didn’t surprise me – I went lighter than usual this summer with some Balayage which looked great but left my hair on the dry side, and compounded the problem with lots of sun and styling. Plus my hair has changed over the last year, going from having a slight wave to being full on curly – something I’ve struggled to manage.

The treatment began with a shampoo and scalp massage. They ten applied a special salon-only concentrate onto the damaged areas and followed that with a Renew Masque which was massaged into my hair using a professional layering technique.

The concentrate and Renew Masque
The concentrate and Renew Masque

The products were left on my hair for about 20 minutes and this was followed by a rinse and a blowdry. They didn’t apply any heat, steam or a hot towel, letting the products infuse naturally.


Immediate results


Even though my hair was pretty dry at that point, a normal blow-dry from my usual salon generally left it looking great. After the Pro Fiber treatment, my hair looked as good as it does after any blowdry but felt softer and less dry. I did notice that my colour looked slightly different and L’Oreal’s experts mentioned that because this treatment smooths the cuticle, it changes the way light bounces off your hair. The effect was fairly subtle and not unattractive but it was there.


Home Care with L’Oreal Pro Fiber


The home care kit included a shampoo, a masque conditioner and tubes of the recharge booster, which you’re supposed to apply after every four washes. I’ve been using the system for 5 weeks now, religiously taking it to the salon whenever I go there or using it at home myself. Whether I blowdry my hair or leave it to air-dry in natural curls, I’ve noticed that my hair looks less frizzy, is easier to style and feels softer. The hairdressers at my usual salon (Saman’s Salon in Clifton) have all commented on how much softer and better conditioned my hair is. My hair is by no means perfect – it’s still a little dry and the damage hasn’t disappeared, but it’s much better than when I started off with L’Oreal Pro Fiber.

L’Oreal Pro Fiber Restore Home care kit

L’Oreal Pro Fiber launches shortly at salons across Pakistan and is definitely worth trying if you have damaged hair. #thumbsup

Some of L'Oreal Professional Pakistan products
Some of L’Oreal Professional Pakistan products

Salima Feerasta
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