The Lux Style Awards have announced this year’s nominees in 10 fashion categories ranging from Bridals to Luxury Pret to Modelling and Photography. These are the 17th annual Lux Style Awards and even a nomination is highly coveted. As a member of the jury that votes on nominations, I can’t say much about the deliberations but given that most of the jury members posted pics on Instagram and Snap, I’m not giving away any secrets when I say that this was the biggest jury ever. 20 editors, journalists and bloggers met last week to deliberate and vote for nominees. The actual winners are decided by a second jury of over 90 and the whole process is audited to ensure fairness.

All the gang at #LSA2018 #FashionJury meeting! #luxstyleawards2018 😘✨

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That said, not all of my personal favourites made the cut – particularly in the most competitive categories. In Luxury Pret and Bridals, I really wish there was room for at least one more nomination because there were designers whose work deserved a nod. In Pret, I think very much as a buyer as well as a fashion journalist and felt that the in-store stock of at least one of the nominees did not merit a nomination this year while other un-nominated brands failed to adequately revamp their image to reflect the progress they’ve made.   It wasn’t a particularly great year for lawn either – two collections stood out in my mind and the rest were merely also-rans. I also felt that it is a shame that there is no way to recognise stylists. Admittedly there are very, very few stylists in Pakistan but one or two of those are actually game changers.

The nominations are dominated by three big names – Khadijah Shah of Elan, Sana Safinaz and Mahgul, each of who pick up three nominations each. If you count that Khadijah Shah was still in charge of Sapphire for most of last year and arguably has a lot to do with their nomination that’s four nominations for Khadijah. Each of these three designers had a great year but they’ve got stiff competition in each category.

The HUM showcase was the fashion highlight of the year

In terms of looking back at the year, 2017 wasn’t a brilliant year for council-led fashion weeks and neither PFSW and FPW were as exciting as they have been in recent years. On the other hand, the HUM showcase in 2017 showcased some of the best fashion shows of the year. Elan and Sana Safinaz led the way in bridal fashion shows with their solo oeuvres. One more thing I do feel needs to be said. As a buyer, I did feel there wasn’t enough fresh fashion in stores for most of the year though this changed towards the end of the year with some solid new collections. In general though, I feel too many labels are following the trail blazers and producing identikit collections that hurt the industry as a whole.

LSA2018 Fashion Nominations

Model of the Year-female

  1. Amna Babar
  2. Anam Malik
  3. Hira Shah
  4. Sadaf Kanwal
  5. Zara Abid


Model of the Year-Male

  1. Aimal Khan
  2. Champ Imi
  3. Hasnain Lehri
  4. Omer Shahzad
  5. Shahzad Noor

Achievement in Fashion Design-Pret

  1. Chapter 2 by Khaadi
  2. Cross Stitch
  3. Generation
  4. Sana Safinaz
  5. Sapphire

Achievement in Fashion Design-Luxury Pret

  1. Elan
  2. Mahgul
  3. Misha Lakhani
  4. Sania Maskatiya
  5. Shamaeel Ansari


Achievement in Fashion Design-Bridal

  1. Ali Xeeshan
  2. Elan
  3. Faraz Manan
  4. Mahgul
  5. Sana Safinaz

Achievement in Fashion Design-Lawn

  1. Elan
  2. Maghul
  3. Sana Safinaz
  4. Shehla Chatoor
  5. Zara Shahjahan

Best Menswear Designer

  1. Amir Adnan
  2. Deepak and Fahad
  3. Deepak Perwani
  4. HSY
  5. Republic by Omar Farooq


Best Hair & Make-up Artist

  1. Fatima Nasir
  2. Hannan Siddique
  3. Qasim Liaqat
  4. Saima Rashid
  5. Shoaib Khan


Best Fashion Photographer

  1. Abdullah Haris
  2. Alee Hassan
  3. Nadir Firoz khan
  4. Rizwan ul Haq
  5. Shahbaz Shazi


Best Emerging Talent

  1. Fahmeen Ansari – Model
  2. Hussain Rehar – Designer
  3. Javeria Hanif – Model
  4. MHM Photography – Photographer
  5. Saheefa Jabbar Khatak – Model
Three nominees in one shot – Model Champ Imi, MHM Photography and Republic by Omar Faruque

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