Make up that Break up – what to do when you want Bae back

Missing bæ? Go get them: it’s THAT simple. Here’s all the prep you need – courtesy of Dil Haara by #StrepsilsStudio:

Come to terms with your feelings:

Whether it’s unleashing the water-works in front of a bonfire after your friends have left or you feel like you’re drowning in a sea of sorrow (excuse the metaphor – we had to) like shown in the new acapella powerhouse dropped by Ali Noor and produced by Strepsils Studio. All these feelings are completely normal. Don’t run away from them. They were your significant other, so accept that you’re missing them and then work your way forward.

Get in the right mind-set:

If you’re still sulking and stuck on the same page, your situation won’t change. Need inspiration? Listen to Dil Haara. When you’ve moved past the striking way this song is composed (no instrument in sight, only sound effects – WE KNOW!) and stopped listening to it on repeat, then you’re sure to feel all the feels and miss bæ even more than you usually do. Accept that you want them back in your life and that they’re not gonna magically appear. You’re gonna have to work to get them back.

Stay loyal:

Someone who has a crush on you is bound to wait for you to break up, so they can hit on you – it’s inevitable. Don’t give them mixed signals. How do you brush them off? Both Rabia and Ali show how to do that in a polite way so the other person doesn’t get hurt in Dil Haara (another reason you should check out the video). This is tricky, especially, if you pessimistically succumb to the devil in your brain. It leads to cheating. You don’t need another person getting in the way of you and bæ.

Leave the ego behind:

Nothing is gonna work unless you do. In Dil Haara’s video, the ever-graceful, chic yet desi Rabia Butt shares a split-screen with the handsome Ali Noor and a particular scene shows the ex-couple scrolling through old, cute selfies of each other, opening their chat on WhatsApp, attempting to message but then end up deleting it. The effort behind-the-scenes isn’t accounted for in this situation. Your bæ isn’t gonna know how much you’re missing them through all the unsent messages that you wrote and erased.

Swallow your pride, throw that first text, make that first apology, send that first bouquet of flowers. Knock on their door, take accountability for the mistakes you made and get bæ back. They’re missing you just as much as you’re missing them. And once you’ve patched up, don’t forget to thank Strepsils Stereo for having your back.

Oh and if you haven’t heard the song yet…

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