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Mina Siddique pret and home decor exhibition in Karachi

Artist Mina Siddique reently brought her stunning collection of pret and homewares to Karachi. She bases her beautiful designs on her own original artwork created on canvas and canson paper. Some of her most popular vibrant prints are based on rotring-pen sketches of iconic figures like Audrey Hepburn, Frieda Kahlo and Noor Jehan. She adds colour to the sketches and fashions the prints into kurtas, capes, scarves, lamps, cushions and even clutches.

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Mina Siddique’s recent Karachi exhibition was held at Address, known for their eclectic home accents. Mina’s collection featured a wide range of pret and home accents. My own particular favourites included brightly painted stool, upholstered in pretty prints featuring birdcages and Turkish coffee sets. I also fell for her pretty dervish cushions, loving the intricacy of the artwork.

Mina Siddique is based in Dubai and her work is available mainly through exhibitions. She does stock a limited line at Heritage Village and cushions at Ode Rose. She is currently finalising stocking locations in Karachi but in the meantime, keep an eye on her Facebook page for updates about trunks shows and exhibitions.

It’s so refreshing to see a young artist translating her artwork this way. It’s also great to see a label that uses original prints rather than lifting them off the internet. Mina’s colourful pret, accessories and home decor are a great way to add a quirky pop of colour to your wardrobe and to your home.

Mina Siddique exhibition at Address
Mina Siddique exhibition at Address


Frieda Kahlo by Mina Siddique
Frieda Kahlo by Mina Siddique

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