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Monsoon Wedding Makeup – How to stop your makeup melting!

August is in full swing and that can only mean one thing: the start of monsoon weddings!! Monsoon weddings have their own charm but with heat and high humidity, makeup can be a challenge. In terms of hair, it’s the perfect weather for messy up-dos but your makeup needs to be on point. There’s nothing worse than spending ages on the perfect look only to find your makeup smudging and smearing in the muggy weather the minute you step out of your air-conditioned room.  While it’s possible to pull off anything from bold lips to smoky eyes, what’s key this season is keeping your makeup looking fresh long into the night. All it takes is a few simple Monsoon Wedding makeup tips and tricks to be confident that you won’t have a melted Barbie moment.

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@shoesanddrama nails the Monsoon makeup issue


Let’s start off with base. In these conditions a good primer will be your best friend. Not only will it help maintain your foundation but it’ll also help with even application and an over all smooth start. According to your skin type choose a primer that you think will help target and rectify your problem areas.

Smashbox Photofinish Primers
Smashbox Photofinish Primers

I love these Smashbox Photofinish correcting primers which are great for evening out your skin tone. We’ll be doing a piece on correcting primers but the ones you’re most like to need is the green for combating redness or the orange for dark circles.

MAC Prep and Prime Fix+ is my other go-to primer because it a multi-purpose spray that not only primes but can also set your makeup. It gives you a great base to build almost any look. Another trick I do with my Fix+ is to spray my highlighter brush and mix it with highlighting powder for a more impactful, glowy effect.

MAC Fix+ Prep+Prime
MAC Fix+

Continuing with base, personally in this heat I prefer lighter formulas as I get clogged pores and break out, however if you want a high coverage look then I suggest diluting the foundation a little bit with a tinted moisturiser or BB/CC cream for a lighter less layered wear.

Another very important step after foundation and concealer is setting or “baking” your makeup. You do this by taking a damp blending sponge,

dipping it in the translucent powder, and layering it on to the problem areas, like the under-eye. You can also use this step to sharpen up your contour lines. After you let the powder set for about 5-8 minutes, you take a clean blending brush and remove the excess powder in sweeping motions.Now this is extremely important because with the help of a translucent powder, baking will help lock in your makeup plus it’ll also prevent your liquid base from collecting in your fine lines and wrinkles and making them more prominent.

Applying the “bake”

Another issue a lot of women face is oily looking skin. Since there isn’t much we can do to control the weather one tip to preventing yourself from looking oily is opting for water-based matte foundations. If your foundation contains oil it will only add to the oil secretion of your skin and clog up pores, hence oil-free formulas will be the best. However if you fear that you will look too matte or want luminosity to your skin, then add a little liquid highlighter to your foundation and apply it all over. This will give a brilliant subtle inner glow without an oily appearance. Personally I love a glowy radiant look but to each their own – you can add as much liquid highlighter as you want to get the desired glow factor.

Achieving the rest of your look after a concrete base is relatively easy. Usually my favourite looks for the wedding season are on the subtle side. My go-to looks would be a natural or neutral smokey eye with hints of either gold or rose gold according to my clothes.

Pic via @nikkietutorials on Instagram

However if you’re feeling bold and want to opt for a daring look, then a fun black metallic smokey eye look would look brilliant. Don’t worry-  if you follow my tips and tricks, you won’t have to worry about any feathering or smudging.

Pic via @desiperkins on Instagram

Remember whatever products you do use, always try and find a waterproof and/or long-wear version especially when it comes to mascaras and lip colours. These two products in their normal formulas have the highest chance of flaking or “bleeding” from your face, therefore their water resistant versions are more durable when faced with our country’ s blistering heat.

Now all you need is a good setting spray at the end of your look, like the Urban Decay All Nighter spray, and you’re good to go stress-free to any monsoon wedding!!

Urban Decay All-nighter setting spray
Urban Decay All-nighter setting spray

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