Friday, September 22, 2023

Natasha Noorani steals the show on Velo Sound Station with Baby Baby

So far so good😍😍  (for lack of the ear-hearted emojie) Season 1 of the Velo Sound Studio brought to us by Bilal Maqsood does look exciting indeed. Available on YouTube, the lineup promises 14 songs with the likes of Pop and Rock Big-Wigs including Aima Baig, Atif Aslam and Sajjad Ali.The Season opens with Gaagar’s catchy, foot tapping, or rather, leg kicking (watch the video) beat. This is definitely an energised take on the iconic original, one can see it being a hot favourite with choreographers in the upcoming (small scale) wedding season. The new additional verses and the bridge are fantastically woven in. However, Jaswal’s more edgy, raspier voice does not synergise as seamlessly with the chorus as Alamgir’s soulful vocals did back in the day.

(Original Alamgir)

Dare I say, I found Atif Aslam’s Kadi Te Hans, rather bland in composition, considering that in the last few decades this song has been played around with a great deal, thus this time around we expect something more sonically adventurous. A pleasant listen, yet I find myself missing the signature raw vibrato and reverb in his voice as it sounded a tad synthesized.

I still find the Love Aaj Kal version superior.

The winner by far in this trio of performances was the song Baby Baby. Bilal Maqsood’s masterful creativity with this shiny new composition makes us wistful for Nazia Hasan, evoking a strong feeling of hireath. His choice of singer is spot on with the hidden gem, Natasha Noorani. Her warm, earthy vocal tones fit the style and layout like a glove and she clearly outshines the other two established Superstars with her brilliance.

P.S. What was the need for the random groupies in the background and their cringe worthy dancing🤦 Can we pls get rid of em before the next episode 🙏

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