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New in Karachi: Dolce Vita Home

There’s a new luxury home decor store in Karachi – Dolce Vita Home opened its doors a few weeks ago, becoming the city’s (and in Pakistan’s) largest luxury interior design space.

The most luxurious Home Decor Store in Karachi

Dolce Vita Home is more than a mere furniture store. Offering interior design services, home accessories, bespoke furniture design and sumptuous sleep solutions, DVH is a complete home decor solution for anyone building a house or renovating their living space.

From wall finishes to accessories, DVH’s designers can help you create a luxurious living space

Anam Mudassir, Creative Director

We spoke to Anam Mudassir, creative director of Dolce Vita Home, about the new store,

“Dolce Vita Home was conceived as a luxury interior design solution for people who wanted to move away from traditional furniture to a more contemporary classic style. We combine the best of modern design and stylish opulence for homes that are inviting yet chic.”

Stepping into the store, you immediately realise that this is not your average shopping experience. The ground floor foyer of the store hosts a mini-branch one of Karachi’s top cafe-restaurants, Cote Rotie. With small but perfectly-formed menu, the cafe sets the tone for the rest of the store.

Cote Rotie’s new mini-franchise at Dolce Vita Home

A showcase for contemporary luxe living, the store is an artistic mix of accent pieces and beautifully curated home spaces that include stylish essentials and striking statement pieces. From dining rooms for the perfect family gathering to luxury lounges to fall in love with, there’s plenty of inspiration for your next home decor project. The creative team have paid attention to many of the little touches that really elevate a space, from stylish light fixtures to sumptuous fabrics.

DVH builds on 40 years experience and international research collaborations from their parent brands, Diamond Supreme Foam and Dolce Vita

The new store is conveniently located at Bilawal Chorangi in the new Com 3 mall that also houses Milestone and Entertainer and is next door to the upcoming branch of global favourite PF Chang’s. A home decor store of this size is rare in Karachi and Dolce Vita Home have made the most of their three floors of generous space.

This Retro-chic desk is a statement piece

Home Decor in Karachi : more than just furniture

The design team at Dolce Vita Home have set their sights on the best of high-end contemporary design, including pieces from Milano & Design alongside bespoke hand-crafted pieces. The show areas that they have created let you envision how your new living space. Their in-house design team is on-hand to provide a custom-made solution. As well as drafting your furniture plan, they can advise you on floor and wall finishes, soft furnishings and accent pieces and every other aspect of interior design.

The luxury sleep

Dolce Vita Home also offers Pakistan’s most luxurious sleep solutions; highly engineered mattresses and pillows that are specifically crafted to give you the best possible night’s sleep. The sleep centre at Dolce Vita Home goes beyond anything experienced before here in Pakistan. From memory foam and state-of-the-art springs to deluxe mattress toppers, Dolce Vita Home has put together a collection of top-of-the-line mattresses that will help you fall asleep more easily, sleep comfortably and wake refreshed. They are the only store to offer Italian Technogel pillows, engineered to offer the best night’s sleep in the world. They say that beauty starts with great sleep and  how your body rest and rejuvenates during sleep affects both how you look and feel. The luxury at Dolce Vita Home is more than skin deep, with a deep commitment to using the best materials, ensuring comfort that lasts for years on end.

Warm, inviting and oh-so-stylish

It is, however, Dolce Vita’s approach to interior design that looks to be the most welcome addition to luxury home décor in Karachi. With a constantly evolving display of indulgent living spaces, there is always something new to inspire you. Pop in for the perfect housewarming or wedding gift or for a gorgeous accent piece to add a flawless finishing touch to your latest home décor project. Whether you’re embarking on a refreshing a tired corner of your home or decorating a new house, let their design team work with you to create the ideal space that combines style, luxury and comfort.

Luxury interior design in Karachi from Dolce Vita Home

Salima Feerasta
Salima Feerasta is chief editor of and one of Pakistan's top fashion and lifestyle journalists.

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