Nishat Linen launches Swarovski jewellery in Pakistan

Models at the Nishat Swarovski Jewellery Launch Pakistan
The glittering launch included a fashion show, fireworks and a sky lantern display

Swarovski Jewellery came to Pakistan last night in a sparkling evening at Rajbah Farmhouse. Amid fireworks and a sky lantern display, Nishat Linen announced a retail distribution partnership that begins with five Swarovski stores. The event included a fashion show that showcased some of Swarovski’s Autumn/Winter range and there was also a chance to see the jewellery up close.

swarovski jewellery and phone cases
Beautiful displays at the launch from Swarovski necklaces to phone covers

The fashion show featured outfits designed by Nishat’s in-house team, which were surprisingly good. It began with a selection of blingy cocktail outfits including gowns and jumpsuits.

models wearing swarovski jewellery
Swarovski jewellery paired with cocktail wear
The show then progressed to a selection of ensembles in neutral tones: black, cream, ecru and dull gold. The outfits ranged from dresses to saris and featured subtle embellishments.

mehreen syed
Swarovski Jewellery Launch Pakistan
nadia ali
The jewellery works well with Eastern wear

They were a perfect foil for a wide range of artfully arranged Swarovski pieces. Pendants hung down models backs, they carried blingy phone covers and sported stacked bracelets.


cybil chaudhry wearing swarovski necklace
Cybil Chaudhry
cybil chaudhry wearing swarovski back necklaces
Cybil Chaudhry wearing Swarovski necklaces
rubya chaudhry in swarovski crystals
Swarovski phone covers
anum malik model in swarovski jewels
Swarovski Jewellery Launch Pakistan
It’s great to see a prestigious international brand like Swarovski enter the Pakistan market. Nishat Linen owner, Naz Mansha believes that such collaborations are beneficial for Pakistan’s image and that it’s time that leading brands realized the potential of the Pakistan market.
“While I am very happy to bring illustrious brand like Swarovski to Nishat Linen, I am even happier to bring a brand of this calibre to Pakistan.”

Swarovski Jewellery Launch
Models on the ramp for Swarovski
cybil chaudhry wearing swarovski
Swarovski Jewellery Launch Pakistan
usb stick by swarovski
Blingy USB stick by Swarovski

Swarovski’s initial five outlets will all be a store-within-a-store at Nishat shops. A standalone retail outlet will follow these sometime next year. The Austrian brand’s crystals are already available in Karachi at The Fifth Element but the jewellery collections are exclusive to Nishat. The range includes everything from pendants and earrings to phone covers and gorgeous USB sticks.

Mrs Mansha is enthusiastic about the products and when asked about her favourite pieces, she said,
“I am a big fan of rings and bracelets – I automatically gravitate to them in any jewellery store. There are so many lovely pieces but I personally love the Stardust bangles.”
maheen khan, naz mansha, mian muhammad at swarovski launch
Maheen Khan, Naz Mansha and Mian Muhammad
naz mansha at swarovski launch
Naz Mansha wearing Swarovski
It will be interesting to see how the brand performs in Pakistan. The sub-continent has not traditionally been a place where people appreciate designer jewellery. There has always been a prejudice against “fake” jewellery as opposed to real. Gold jewellery is considered an investment while so-called “fashion” jewellery is money down the drain. That has changed in recent times.
Mehreen Syed closes the show at Swarovski Fashion Jewellery Launch Pakistan
Mehreen Syed closes the show for Swarovski Pakistan


Rising prices and security concerns have prompted many to consider costume jewellery for the first time. More than that, cosmopolitan trendsetters have embraced the notion that jewellery is about more than the value of the metal and stones it contains. The design and impact of jewellery transcends its intrinsic value.

Fine jewellery will always have a huge market in Pakistan but there is definitely a demand for costume jewellery now too. People are happily spending on pieces by Shehla Chatoor and Outhouse. Swarovski will be popular with the same customers but needs to reach a wider customer base than these niche brands.

The price range at Swarovski is from Rs8,000 to Rs30,000, which is not exorbitant considering the prices of even silver jewellery these days. While it is being marketed as “everyday jewellery” there are many opulent pieces available. These are very attractive, especially when compared to similar items available in the market. The quality and finishing of the jewellery give it a charm that is enhanced by the brand image. This may augment its appeal for those to whom the price range is a stretch. For well-heeled buyers, Swarovski will easily become the gift-favourite that it is abroad.
anoushey ashraf
Anoushey Ashraf wearing Swarovski Crystals
ali xeeshan
Ali Xeeshan at the Swarovski launch
fahad hussayn
Fahad Hussayn
maheen kardar at the launch
Maheen Kardar

The launch was an intimate yet brilliant affair attended by a mix of fashion designers, media and some of Lahore’s social elite. Organised by J&S events, it was a classy beginning for Swarovski jewellery in Pakistan. It remains to be seen whether local buyers will fall for allure of Swarovski crystals.

Swarovski Fashion Jewellery Launch Pakistan
Swarovski Fashion Jewellery Launch Pakistan
Photography Credits:  Faisal Farooqui and his Team and Dragonfly

A version of this article was published in the Express Tribune on 16th December 2014

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