Outfitters at HUM Showcase ’19: Conversations

“Conversations” depicts an amalgamation of latest street-style trends & youth culture. The design concept demonstrates what Outfitters mean; the essence of today’s youth, a curation of all features, movements and flairs essentially relevant to GenZ and Millennials.

Fashion is a celebration of personal style, taking inspiration from this, Outfitters brings in this collection, a continuation of the trends that pick up steam; style manoeuvres, super-casual pieces and the accessories front & beyond mixed in to create some seriously out-there looks. The carefully designed pieces are put-together to express individuality and personal style using a variety of colours like navy blues and blacks contrasted with whites, bright reds, denim blues and creams. The clothing that the youth chooses to wear allows them to do two main things; express themselves and their emotions to others and allows them to stand out and feel like their own person.

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