This Eid’s hottest looks are solid

Trend Alert - The hottest looks on our timelines this Eid were solid. Gorgeous solid colours in jewel tones or pastels or classic white,...



Quarantine Beauty – tips from Celebs

With the countrywide Covid infection rates rising daily in tandem with the onset of the muggy Monsoon, social distancing continues and the Salon stars...


LSA 2020 – the Lux Style Awards 2020 go virtual but don’t skimp on the glam

This year the Lux Style Awards went virtual for the first time ever. There was no way that LSA 2020 could have the usual...
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How I lost my mother to Covid-19

In the latest installment of our series Kahani Mein Twist, real life stories about life changing moments, Maida Sheikh shares the story of her...

Local teens give back with innovative educational games

It's great to see young people giving back. A group of teens from three schools in Karachi got together to make the most of...

Ramadan in the time of Corona

Ramadan is a time of year that I always look forward to. The fasting and the feasting with time to reflect, time for gratitude...

O-levels and A-levels delayed due to CoronaVirus in Pakistan – what this means for you

The CoronaVirus pandemic has led to school closures worldwide, disrupting the school year and board exams. In Pakistan, the government has announced that all...

3 fabulously funny Instagrammers you need to be following

Instagram is such a great place to find entertainment but ditch the over-filtered wannabe models for some brilliant young women who are bound to...


Weaving Green – Pakistan’s first sustainable fashion line by Sapphire

Trust Sapphire, Pakistan’s fastest-growing fashion retail brand, to be at the forefront of innovation with style. Sapphire’s latest initiative, Weaving Green, is a pioneering...

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