The Pantene Masterclass and the secret of #PanteneHair

What’s Pantene Hair? Apparently it’s hair that can #DoItAll and I couldn’t wait to find out more. Colouring and styling have completely changed the texture of my hair – it’s gone from having the gentlest of waves to being full-on curly. Karachi’s humidity is another challenge and frizz is a daily battle. Pantene’s Masterclass, with ace stylist Nina Lotia at the helm, promised to help.

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“New Pantene is designed to work on restoring hair health and shine from the core. So many hair care products only work on the outer level of hair. Pantene’s new formulation contains histidine that works on a cellular level right inside the hair shaft. Only hair that is strong inside can shine on the outside. After using Pantene, even after the harshest torture tests, hair will be less likely to break, fall and split, and will hold colour for longer with a healthy-looking shine,” the team explains.

Pantene's new Histidine formula promises stronger, shinier hair
Pantene’s new Histidine formula promises stronger, shinier hair

So it seems that Pantene Hair is hair that’s strong, manageable and shiny – hair that can take regular colouring and styling in its stride. Karachista Assistant Editor Amna Ayaz Khan got picked as a guinea pig at the Masterclass and this is what she had to say:

As someone who has long been a victim of dry hair/frizzy hair, I was eager to try any and everything that could help me combat this issue. When Pantene Pakistan invited me to be a part of their Master Class session with the renowned Hair stylist, Nina Lotia, I jumped at the chance. The session couldn’t have been timed better and being chosen as the demo girl meant extra attention to my hair and expert advice from Nina.

Our own Amna Ayaz Khan takes the 50 Strokes torture test with Nina Lotia, Pantene Hair Expert
Our own Amna Ayaz Khan takes the 50 Strokes torture test with Nina Lotia, Pantene Hair Expert

Prior to this experience, my hair felt super dry to the touch, particularly the ends. The frizz made it quite unmanageable, so much so that I stopped styling my hair because no style lasted long because of the rough condition of my hair. The Pantene Master Class session introduced me to their brand new formulation that contains Histidine – an ingredient that goes deep inside the hair shaft making it stronger and healthier. After I was given a wash with the shampoo and conditioner, my hair was dried and right after that I was called up on the stage for the hair-fall test conducted by Nina. The challenge was 50 brush strokes without any hair fall and surprisingly enough, there wasn’t any hair fall – something that really surprised me. Moreover, the effects were quick and apparent – my hair instantly felt soft, especially the ends which were my main concern, and less frizzy making it more manageable and presentable. Whether that was just due to expert drying or not, I’m not sure but I left eager to incorporate Pantene Histidine shampoo and conditioner into my hair routine.

Nina Lotia and Amna Ayaz Khan
Nina Lotia and Amna Ayaz Khan

Nina Lotia was the wizard advising Amna and is one of Karachi’s top stylists – known for her cuts and skill with colour.

“Hair colour fashions have become more extreme as technology comes up with better ways to protect hair. It’s imperative to use the right products to protect your hair if you are colouring and styling your hair regularly. Protein treatments and oiling are important but using the right shampoo and conditioner is vital. These are the products you use most often and form the base of your hair care routine,” she said.

She went on to recommend not washing your hair too often – every other day at most. The Masterclass also featured a Q&A question with Nina, allowing us all to ask her about our chief hair woes. It seems that we all have similar issues with frizz, hair fall and hair damage!

Pantene photo-booths illustrating how we torture our hair!

Histidine is being added across Pantene’s conditioner range. According to the Pantene team, when used in conjunction with Pantene’s shampoos with PRO-V and Keratin Damage-Blocking technology, the system works on different parts of the hair shaft to prevent and repair damage on the surface and at the core of hair. Here’s to hair that can Do It All!


Salima Feerasta
Salima Feerasta
Salima Feerasta is chief editor of and one of Pakistan's top fashion and lifestyle journalists.

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