Getting married soon? Get ready for the stuff of wedding dreams with a GORGEOUS little fashion film featuring Sana Javed and Ali Rehman Khan. Pakistani fashion designer Nomi Ansari reveals his vision for Pakistani weddings in 2017-18 with Qabool Hai, featuring multiple outfit changes and plenty of oopmh – just like a real wedding really but with oodles of style .

Ali Rehman Khan and Sana Javed in Nomi Ansari’s Qabool Hai

It’s an inspired idea – essentially the film is a choreographed wedding video with a very attractive bride and groom. The clothes and styling in film songs also always generate lots of interest for designers – this is like the wedding scene at the end of a film without the actual story first. Just a visually stunning denouement.

The clothes are all by Nomi Ansari and feature spectacular baraat, valima and mendhi outfits for brides and a range of wedding outfits for grooms. The gorgeous clothes and stunning decor provide just the inspiration that a bride-to-be needs this season.


From the gorgeous sparkly yellow outfit, perfect for a mayyun or mehndhi, to a drool-worth Nikkat outfit, Qabool Hai is full of eye-catching bridal outfits. Sana Javed looks like a dream and Ali Rehman Khan is the perfect groom – mischievous, sexy and romantic. His outfits are classic yet striking, providing a brilliant foil for Sana’s outfits.

Nomi Ansari with a beautiful mendhi or mayyun outfit in Qabool Hai

The jewellery, by Hamna Amir Designer Jewelery is so beautiful and Aneela Murtaza’s styling is on point. Similarly N-Pro by Nabila have done an excellent job with the hair and makeup.

The jewellery by Hamna Amir is just lovely

So what do you think…. Qabool Hai?

These colourful sleeves are so pretty

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