PFDC L’Oreal Bridal Week 2014 – What to expect from Pakistan’s premier Bridal Fashion Week this year #PLBW2014

Its time to get set for the next wedding season – the most eagerly anticipated bridal fashion week in Pakistan is around the corner. PFDC have just announced the lineup for the fourth PFDC L’Oreal Bridal Week (PLBW), which is set to take place in Lahore at the end of the month.

PFDC Loreal Bridal Week - Bridal Fashion Week Pakistan 2014 preview

The programme includes many of the top names in Pakistani Bridal fashion – HSY, Sana Safinaz, Sania Maskatiya, Misha Lakhani et al  – but there is plenty of new blood too. Saira Shakira have shown at PSFW but this is the first time they will be putting a bridal collection on the ramp whereas Ammara Khan is a complete debutante. Meanwhile bridal newcomers like Seher Tareen and Sofia Chisti have been offered spots in a Bank Al-Falah Emerging Talent showcase. It will be interesting to see how all the “Newbies” cope in a stellar lineup that also includes the likes of Nida Azwer, Ali Xeeshan, Shamaeel Ansari and Zara Shahjahan.

Mahgul Rashid

It’s disappointing to see Mahgul Rashid once again showing a capsule collection in the Emerging Talent section. While she’s showing at bridal week for the first time, she’s established enough of a footing for us to expect a full show from her.

This PLBW looks like a great mix of old and new, featuring big names from both Karachi and Lahore. As intriguing as the lineup is, there are some notable exceptions. Elan is missing from a PFDC lineup for the first time ever, which leaves fashion week significantly poorer. Khadijah Shah’s opulent, ethereal collections are always a highlight of PLBW and will be much missed. Her Instagram feed has featured tantalizing glimpses of kaarigars working on her new bridal collection and so it’s doubly disappointing to learn that she is not showing this time. Elan is not the only major absentee – Kamiar Rokni who wowed with his Oriental collection last year is not showing either.

Sania Maskatiya PLBW 2014
Sania Maskatiya

There are, however, more than enough star names to create a real buzz about this year’s PLBW. They have been inspired by everything from Meena Kumari to Shakespeare to Fireworks. Trends to watch out for include jackets, layering, cholis, gaghras, Farshi ghararas and gowns. Expect lots of net, laces and velvet. Watch out for western stylized pieces from HSY and a shift to a more eclectic collection from the likes of Sana Safinaz and Zara Shahjahan. The catchword of bridal week is set to be separates, a trend first defined by Sania Maskatiya and Misha Lakhani. Several designers are focusing on wedding formals as well outfits for brides themselves. PLBW looks set to be everything fashion week should be – exciting, challenging and chic.

Check out the full line up and their inspiration:

Zara Shahjahan
Collection: A Folk Tale
Inspiration: Folk culture and a hybrid of different cultures. The colors and prints speak volumes about ethnicity and cultures.

Zara Shahjahan - PLBW 2014
Folk inspired embroidery from Zara Shahjahan
Nida Azwer - PLBW 2014

Nida Azwer
Collection: The Ghalib collection
Inspiration: From the time of Ghalib Mirza

Sania Maskatiya
Collection: Ara-Ornament
Inspiration: The art of ornamentation over the centuries – the decorative motifs and techniques used through the ages.

Sana Safinaz
Collection: We never name our collections.
Inspiration: Folk orientated embroidery, shawls.

Collection: Divine Decadence
Inspiration: The contradictions in our society particularly with respect to women, the designer’s travels and his reflections on 20 years in the industry. 

PFDC Loreal Bridal Week - Bridal Fashion Week Pakistan 2014 preview - HSY PLBW 2014

Fahad Hussayn
Collection: Putli Ghar
Inspiration: “Ashes too were once fire, where there was emptiness was once desire…” The collection is inspired by royal ruins and remains in Cholistan and Thatta, dolls from the region and glimpses of the Ranheet Singh era.

Misha Lakhani
Collection Name: Nowruz
Inspiration: A Celebration of old fashioned romance and the idea of paradise replete with blooming floral clusters, fireworks, birds and bugs

Collection:  The Lotus Raj Collection
Inspiration: The essence, soul and identity of love in and of the subcontinent. A nostalgic mix of monsoons,  flowers – nargis, gulab, frangipani and motiya, the classic tea trolley, your mother’s earmarked copy of The Far Pavilions, old family homes’ courtyards, the iconic romantic cities & more.

Nickie Nina
Collection Name: Rumi to Raj
Inspiration: Queens and Princesses of the Mughal era

Saira Shakira
Collection Name: “A midsummer night’s dream
Inspiration: Shakespeare’s play

PFDC Loreal Bridal Week - Bridal Fashion Week Pakistan 2014 preview - Saira Shakira
Saira Shakira’s Midsummer Night’s Dream

Asifa and Nabeel
Collection Name: MEENA-MANIRATNA
Inspiration: The reel and real life of Meena Kumari, Something magnificent, traditional yet contemporary

Shamaeel Ansari
Collection Name: “The Wedding”
Inspiration: A desi wedding is not just about the Baraat. It is a series of celebrations, a joining of two families. The collection is a celebration of the Pakistani wedding, in all its avatars.

PFDC Loreal Bridal Week - Bridal Fashion Week Pakistan 2014 preview - Shamaeel Ansari
Shamaeel Ansari
PFDC Loreal Bridal Week - Bridal Fashion Week Pakistan 2014 preview - Shamaeel Ansari
Shamaeel Ansari
PFDC Loreal Bridal Week - Bridal Fashion Week Pakistan 2014 preview - Shamaeel Ansari

Ali Xeeshan

Collection Name: Baghawat (stand for yourself)
Inspiration:  The ancient Roman civilization and barbarian warriors.

Ammara Khan

Collection:  The Winter Palace: A Celebration of the Russian Tsarina
Inspiration: The luxurious and opulent lifestyles of the Russian Royalty

Ammara Khan PLBW 2014 Preview
Ammara Khan

Nomi Ansari
Collection:  Gul
Inspiration: Flowers – all and any, with a contemporary vintage theme.

Bank Al- Falah Rising Talent section

Collection:  The Wild Rose
Inspiration: Wild roses and how they reflect modern femininity

Sehar Tareen
Collection: “The Emperor’s Assassins”
Inspiration: Chinese cult film ‘Hero’ directed by the cinematic master, Zhang Yimou.

Sofia Chishti
Collection: Tilism, which means magic
Inspiration:  The wardrobes of the royals of the east and the west and a fusion of both of these.

Wardha Saleem
Collection: Madhubani
Inspiration: Madhubani paintings of Bihar, India

Akif Mahmood
Collection: Virsa
Inspiration: Imaginary queen from the subcontinent, who is influenced by the region’s different ruling families, such as the Rajputs and Mughals

PFDC Loreal Bridal Week - Bridal Fashion Week Pakistan 2014 preview - Shamaeel Ansari
Seher Tareen discusses her collection
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Salima Feerasta
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