Pink bridals on our timeline – the prettiest Pakistani bridals of the season?

This bridal season has certainly had a rose-tinted air about it! We’ve seen so many gorgeous pale pink outfits ranging from peachy to blush to rose. From Anushka Sharma in her fabulous Sabyasachi outfit to socialites Manahil Malikk  in Faraz Manan and Mahnum Kabir in Bunto Kazmi, pastel pink shades have been all over our timeline this season. Check out some our faves (in no particular order) below!

Manahil Malikk in Faraz Manan

We love colour and craftsmanship of this outfit – and that shot on the beach is everything ??

Picture perfect – the beach, the sunset and that Faraz Manan pink bridal


Miara Shaikh in Nazli Akbar

This blush bridal on the very pretty Miara Shaikh is just gorgeous and that shot with her father is priceless! Pics via @nazliakbarofficial on Instagram

Zoha Shakir in Ansab Jahangir

We love it when brides share candid shots and this one of Zoha Shakir with her sister Ansab Jahangir is one of our faves of the season. Designer Ansab Jahangir also designed her sister’s pretty outfit.

Ramsha Baluch in Shehla Chatoor

Ramsha Baluch made a stunning bride in this blush pink and silver Shehla Chatoor outfit – check out those intricate deets!

Mahnum Kabir in Bunto Kazmi

Though most Bunto Kazmi brides choose deep, traditional colours, Mahnum Kabir’s peachy pink and silver outfit shows that Bunto is just as brilliant with pastel shades

Mahum Kabir in a pale pink and silver bridal by Bunto Kazmi

Blush Pink Elan Bridals

That peachy pink and silver combo is a brilliant choice for daytime functions – how fabulous does Natasha look in this Elan bridal ? and Unzila Hussain shines in her Elan lengha.

Natasha in pale pink and silver Elan Bridal


Anum Akram in Dr Haroon

Anam Akram chose a warmer shade of rose with antique gold and bronze work by Dr. Haroon for her Nikkah.

ANum Akram in a rose and gold outfit by Dr. Haroon in her Nikkah

Anum Akram in Saira Shakira

This deep pink gown by Saira Shakira was a fabulous choice for Anum’s bridal shower ?

Anum chose a deeper shade of pink for her bridal shower – this gown by Saira Shakira is beautifully regal

Hoor Fayyaz in Faraz Mannan

Hoor also chose to go this warm tones of rose pink and gold embellishment and simply glows in her Faraz Manan outfit.

Hoor Fayyaz in Faraz Manan

Maham Baig in Farah Talib Aziz

This one isn’t strictly a bridal picture but Maham Baif looks gorgeous in Farah Talib Aziz.

Maham Baig in Farah Talib Aziz

Sameen Rizvi in Dr. Haroon

This one possibly tips from peachy pink to full on peach but it’s such a pretty outfit we couldn’t resist sharing it.

Sameen Rizvi in Dr. Haroon

Anushka Sharma in Sabyasachi

And last but not least, Anushka Sharma oh-so-pretty-in-pink on her wedding day. This pic is soooo #weddinggoals

Anushka Sharma in pink Sabyasachi on her wedding day
Salima Feerasta
Salima Feerasta
Salima Feerasta is chief editor of and one of Pakistan's top fashion and lifestyle journalists.

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