Quarantine Beauty – tips from Celebs

With the countrywide Covid infection rates rising daily in tandem with the onset of the muggy Monsoon, social distancing continues and the Salon stars like Bina Khan and Natasha Khan, while refusing to open shop on ethical grounds ,are doing fun collaborations with their fellow stars and pulling in housebound audiences. Is this is the beginning of meaningful and responsible communication –social media ethos ? That’s another narrative but our social media stars step up the role of their own beauty stylists.

Below, scroll through the major quarantine Influencer beauty moments you might have missed:

This isn’t to say that all celebrity outreach during this time has been worthless or harmful. As I skid through Instagram, the new age feminist mamas of desi-land members sing their womanhood anthems. Their pages  all  beaming in separately from their own homes, yummymummypk  is making its way happily across the digital landscape, helping many of single millennial mums revel in a sweet shot of mummyhood.  Mishayl Naek’s quick snap of the  Aloe Vera leaf, slicing out the pulp,whizzing  it with 2-3 Tbs of any hair oil & applying the mixture 30-40 minutes before showering is a been reminder that the urban mothers isn’t just about isn’t about brekkie in bed or quiet time to read books.’’ I also cut an aloe leaf and rub it straight on the skin. I do like Salina Taqi’s rose scrub for the shower’’

PR maven Anam Mansuri Gets her DIY fix in bottles by using organic products. Womanistan and limustudio consistent online presence does match Anam’s strenuous humility as a person. ‘’I use Zos nanos hair oil for my locks’’. Her breezy,’’Hey!” energy on quick catching-up phone calls verves into her usage of one simple ingredient,’’Haaldi’’ as a skin brightener mixed with Aura crafts organic rose water.

Rummaging through her organic skincare bottles, Anam says ‘’Zahara’s skincare shine bright like a diamond face pack’’ is what I am applying right now.

Andleeb Rana Farhan), operating as a Fashion entrepreneur and now head of communications for @UKinpakistan, who has 2.3 k followers on Instagram and has works with Pakistani luxury brands,Vogue India and gotten featured in Business of Fashion, has pivoted from sharing Indie fashion style images to serene travel images on Instagram. Shares her taut skin’s secrets, ‘Well for skin, I get a dermabrasion session once a year. I do my Neem+Multani Mithi pack once a month and I don’t wear base at all. On day to day basis, I just use Neutrogena cleanser and oil of Olay’’!

Not much of a victim of the Quarantine salon-crisis. This Fashionistas hair is always tied in a neat, tight bun. “For hair, I get my weekly head massages, a regular 3 monthly cut from Tariq Amin and hair-gloss every 3 months from Mubashir khan salon!’’ When asked to be given a peek into her Hair-care pictures, she quipped,’’ Please steal away pics from my insta!’’Making for a serious social distancing fashion statement. “One DIY I do is after head wash, I make 3 chunky braids in my hair and let hair dry naturally ,open it for that wavy look because I hate blow dries. But I rarely do this now because I hate open hair too!”

Noor Hassan is another celeb who makes the Girls go ‘’Wow’’ .Gleaming skin and thick hair. He isn’t a product junkie, either who ransacks the local grocer or fills massive vanity bags with stuff that doesn’t “elevate elaborate Desi beauty rituals or even cosmetic.” Quarantined in the Capital city, Noor Hasan hurriedly says,” I take biotin for hair skin and nails and vitamin c 500mg for overall health and immune system”. Adding on further, ‘’I’m having Kalonji and Methi Dana on an empty stomach to strengthen my immune system. That’s the only DIY I’m doing these days.’’

Building on holistic rituals, Ayesha Omer is all about building immunity beauty by incorporating 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider vinegar in water with 1.2 tsp baking soda, into her routine. She recommends, ginger tea for immunity. ‘’ I mix-up tumeric,blackpepper and honey and coconut oil’’ Often, invading homes through ‘Bulbulay’ and reducing people to laughter.  It’s astonishing to know- Drinking olive oil is the reason for her super moisturized skin.

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