Refreshing Drinks to Beat the Karachi Heat This Ramzan!

Marking the start of the month of Ramzan, there is nothing we fantasize about more than cold refreshing drinks at Iftaar time. A break from the quintessential Rooh-Afza, here’s our top choices of refreshing drinks to beat the heat in Karachi this Ramzan.

Falsa Juice

No falsa season is complete without the cherished falsa juice. Made of the tangy yet sweet pulp of falsa berries, this juice is the epitome of a karachi summer. We like our falsa juice with some sugar syrup and a dash of white pepper to accentuate the flavour.

Apple Lemon Mint Juice

To truly beat the heat, head over to Evergreen and enjoy the Apple Lemon Mint juice. This juice is super healthy and super good! A great way to soak up vitamins and nourishment during ramzan without feeling heavy and bloated after.


The pioneer of all refreshing drinks, the Shikanjibeen is every rozay-daar’s dream. Although now most restaurants serve mint lemonades, we’d still like to laud Koel’s OG Shikanjibeen – the addition of the pepper really tantalizes the tastebuds.

Peach Iced Tea

For the health conscious lads and ladies, Iced tea is a great way to enjoy a refreshing beverage while also keeping a count on the calories consumed. The Peach iced tea at Gloria Jeans is not overly sweetened with sugar syrup and artificial sweeteners but still has a pleasant summery punch and thus is our favourite iced tea choice.

Espresso Frappe at Mocca

For all the late night owls that stay up till sehri, the Espresso Frappe at Mocca is a great post-iftar snack. Chilled, wholesome, filling, creamy and delicious, this Frappe will also provide the caffeine you need to stay up will Sehri. This is the beverage version of comfort food.

Lassi & Mango Lassi

There definitely ain’t no summer without Lassi. But this time, we are suggesting a new spin; Mango Lassi. The fortifying effects of yogurt + the sweet deliciousness of mango = the perfect combination.


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