Whether you’re looking to take your family or friends out for a delicious Eid dinner or just want a break from all the cooking you’ve done in Ramadan, Karachi has it all – Lebanese, Arabian, Italian, you name it. Here are some of the best eateries in town that won’t let you down.


A lot of hype has revolved in town around mandi and traditional Arabic cuisine, lately. Juicy, fall-off-the-bone, melt-in-your-mouth meats – is there a better way to celebrate Eid?

With a very laid back atmosphere, and homely vibes, you can choose to opt for a baithak (reserve in advance – they do sell out fast) which is the traditional Arabic norm or your standard table chair arrangement.

Their baithak areas are lavish, relaxed and comfy


A peek at their menu

You don’t get more Italian than POMO in Karachi. From Neapolitan pizza to caprese salad, rich beef ragu and pasta. These flavours are bound to transport you to Italy.

The crispy bresaola pizza


Who doesn’t love piping hot brioche doughnuts? Their doughnuts really are the star of the show – airy and fresh in so many flavours but grab them quick because they’re notorious for being sold out. Some of the most popular ones include hazelnut wafer crunch,  rose pistachio and of course the O.G. plain glazed.

They’re making Eid bouquets out of doughnuts

EASY also does a fantastic job at creations like the mac-and-cheese burger, hotdogs and their green ranch and buffalo pizza will take you on a ride to dough and cheese heaven – don’t forget to Instagram that cheese pull.

With an overall grungy, quirky, elevated-American-diner vibe, EASY is the place to go if you’re looking to eat food that feels like Instagram  just landed on your plate.

Cote Rotie

Boujee but worth every penny and every calorie, Cote Rotie offers divine food. From their coconut cake and fresh juices to their French cuisine (delectable cheese boards) – absolutely delish.

With a small and cosy vibe, Cote Rotie is a must-visit if you wanna try something new.


Ginsoy LIVE

Satiate your Pan-Asian cravings with Ginsoy LIVE. With everything being prepared in front of your eyes, the experience is like no other – pretty close to the real deal. The sizzles and swishes add to the ambience and are a treat to both the eyes, ears and tummy.

Their orange chicken is sensational – perfect balance between tangy and sweet

Whether you’re looking to throw a formal dinner or chill with your besties, Karachi has lots to offer this Eid


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