Rizwan Beyg at Pantene Hum Showcase 2018

Rizwan Beyg debuted his collection ‘Chandni’ at the Hum Showcase 2018. The Rizwan Beyg collections have always reflected value addition. From his truck art interpretation to turning cotton lace into couture he has always found ways of looking at the ordinary and making it extraordinary. His Milan Fashion Week debut featured Niwar used for weaving beds into intricately woven pieces and the construction of his garments is always the core of his couture label. This collection reflects the same approach. Using two basic fabrics denim and swiss lawn supplemented by Irish linen, Beyg transforms these casually worn materials into luxe high end semi-couture pieces.

As a master of embroidery and skilled craftsmanship Beyg uses heavy silver embellishments in the shape of flowers and leaves inspired by Hungarian folk art imagery and turns them into glittering silver works of art.  The colour palette consisting of blues, whites and silvers aptly encapsulates the metallic theme of this collection. Appropriately titled “Chandni” the collection is a homage to the art of the silversmith and the tradition of our silver jewelry heritage.

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