Rose water: A skin care staple

rose water skin care staple
Rose water – a skin care staple

Before you go splurging on fancy imported products for your skin, why not add a locally available, affordable yet equally effective product to your beauty routine? I’m talking about the miracle water that comes in a pink box – Rose water. As cheap as Rs 60, a spray-bottle of rose water can last up to a few weeks depending on your usage.

rose water by marhaba pakistan
Rose water sprays and bottles can be found easily in the market

Rose water can be incorporated into your daily skin regime in multiple ways.

1. Cleanser

Whether you’re looking to change your facial cleanser or not, try washing your face with rose water. It helps hydrate and cool your skin. It works equally well for both dry and oily skin. You’ll find it leaves you with a refreshed feeling and an after glow. Using rose water and glycerine together as a face wash shows even better results.

2. Toner

Simply take a cotton pad and use a few drops of cold rose water to tone your skin. Rose water’s anti-bacterial properties help to soothe skin that is prone to acne, blemishes and sunburn. It will help to reduce inflammation and redness. But there’s more – Rose water is known for tightening pores and reducing wrinkles, making it a suitable anti-ageing product.

3. Moisturiser

You can add a few drops of rose water to whichever moisturiser, lotion or cream that you normally apply. It will hydrate your skin better on an every day basis. Cold rose water also helps lessen the puffiness of tired eyes. Keep a rose water spray with you on-the-go to refresh your skin throughout a stressful day.

Spending a lazy Sunday wearing a face mask? Add rose water into the mix – It’s a compulsory ingredient!

Here’s one of our recipes for a DIY face mask:

do it yourself rose water face mask
Yoghurt, honey, sandalwood powder and lemon juice all work well with rosewater for DIY masks

Mix 3 teaspoons lemon juice with 4 teaspoons of rosewater. Add sandalwood powder to the mix to thicken it up a bit. Apply the mask to your face for 10 to 15 minutes then wash off with cold water. Those with acne prone skin will find this herbal mask suitable. Those with blemished skin can switch the lemon juice with cucumber juice mixed with yogurt.

By Manaal Khalid

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