Sensodyne Ramadan ki Khushiyan – Great Little Moments of Joy!

So we’re all for brands giving back to the community and want to encourage all the inspired “campaigns with a conscience” we’ve been seeing from various brands – like the Molty Foam billboard that becomes a bed, the Ideas Pret Mother’s Day treat to abandoned mums and loads more. One campaign that we’ve loved this month is the Sensodyne “Ramadan ki Khushiyan” initiative.

The holy month of Ramzan, among many other valuable lessons, teaches us ‘empathy’ and ‘compassion’. In our fast-paced lives, we tend to overlook our surroundings and the kind of difficulties people around us face every day. As a way to give back to the society and making a difference in the lives of the underprivileged, Sensodyne Pakistan recently launched its Ramzan campaign “Ramadan ki Khushiyan” focusing on those little acts of kindness that bring a smile to the faces of those who are less fortunate.

Giving back to the Community

Being sensitive and empathetic towards the struggles and difficulties of other people is an act of kindness and humanity. Sensodyne Pakistan realizes the importance of giving back to the community in different meaningful ways and “Ramadan ki Khushiyan” is one of them. Known for providing relief from oral sensitivity, this Ramzan, Sensodyne relieves less fortunate from their worries by being there for them in their time of need.

“Ramadan ki Khushiyan” is an initiative that captures the lives of three underprivileged children, Saddam, Saqib and Alina and their day to day struggles while working on the streets. Working day in and day out to support their families, unfortunately, these children are unable to enjoy the festivities of Ramzan and Eid the way many of us do. Sensodyne Pakistan gives them a reason to smile and unburdens them from their worries this Ramzan by giving them a chance to fulfill all their wishes. We got a chance to follow them as they went on their shopping trip – they were seriously camera shy but they were really excited.

Toiling hard everyday to support their families, these children were ecstatic when they found out about this initiative and even more so thinking about how much happiness and relief it would bring to their families in the month of Ramzan.

Being one of many siblings, Saddam, Saqib and Alina shared with us the kind of struggles they and their families face each day to make ends meet. One of many siblings living in a small colony in Karachi, their parents have low-income jobs that often do not suffice to feed the whole family. “We are 5 brothers and sisters in our family and only me, my brother and father (who is a rickshaw driver) work,” said Saqib. He also shared that it is becoming harder and harder for us each passing year because of soaring prices of basic necessities of life. The beautiful green-eyed girl, Alina shared her story with us and told us that she has 3 siblings who all look forward to the festivities of Ramzan and Eid every year but each year they are disappointed and listless because of their financial circumstances. “I also want to buy a new dress and bangles for Eid like other kids and of course something for my siblings too because I want to see them smiling as well,” she said excitedly.

With chirpy smiles on their faces, they also shared how they feel being a part of this amazing initiative. “I’m super happy to be here and also thankful to Sensodyne for making this happen for all of us. I love how we will be a part of a video; I’m so excited about that,” he said happily. Seeing these innocent faces light up because of this meaningful gesture made our hearts melt like nothing else!!

Sensodyne Pakistan captured these precious moments of the joy and happiness of these children while they shopped their hearts out  in a special video dedicated to them.

Find the link to the official video of this campaign below and learn more about Sensodyne’s #RamadankiKhushiyan campaign:


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