Spruce up your Hair – the Lazy Girl’s Guide to quick & easy DIY Hairstyles

When it’s this hot and humid, we all want to bundle our hair out of the way but you don’t have to resort to a boring bun or a drab ponytail. There’s nothing like a cute hairstyle to lift your look from meh to wow. With just a few little tricks and tools, you can create a pretty updo in minutes – here’s how:

1. The Twisted Ponytail

Give the tried and tested pony-tail a fresh look with this little twist in the tail.

All you have to do is gather your hair in a simple pony tail, loosen it down a bit and create a gap by splitting it and then inverting the pony tail through the gap. This simple trick creates an alluring twisted look at the back of your hair that is great for work or an impromptu lunch date.

How to do the twisted pony tail
Photo credit: Verily Mag


2. The Boho Scarf Up-do

If boho-chic is your thing, this hairstyle can definitely help you  funk up your look. All you need is a printed wide elastic headband or a pretty scarf that you can roll into a headband and of course some bobby pins and hair spray.

scarf updo
Photo taken from the blog Nothing but a pigeon

Spray on some dry shampoo before you start to add volume and freshen up your tresses. Next, put on your chosed scarf or band covering the crown area and step by step create little partitions between your hair. Now start taking these partitions and putting them under the scarf in a way that it creates a twisted look. Follow the same technique until all partitions are wrapped around the scarf. Tame those fly-aways by adding some bobby pins and using hair spray at the end.

3. Fake Bangs with Top Knot


Bangs are a great way of stylizing your hair without making much of an effort. However, you don’t necessarily have to chop your hair off to get the look, sometimes all you need is a bit of faking.  If you have wavy or curly hair, you’ll have to straighten your hair to get this look.

Tie your hair in a high pony tail and then create two sections, the front section will fall towards the forehead with the ends acting as bangs. Now get the length and level of bangs you want correct and use bobby pins to pin the pony tail on top. Take the other section of the pony tail and wrap it around the pinned part on the front which will create a messy top knot. Straighten the bangs and the messy parts to get a neater look and use some hair spray at the end to help your style stay in place.

4. The Oh-so-Chic Messy Side Bun


You’ve seen many celebrities sporting it on red carpets and other glamorous events, but you certainly don’t need a star stylist to get this look. All you need for this one is hairspray, some bobby pins and hair ties. If you have slightly wavy and tousled hair, then you’re in luck because the messier the texture the better – in fact if your hair is very straight you may want to tong it before getting started.

messy side buns


First take the section in the middle and gently back comb it to create some volume and then gather all your hair in a side pony tail. Twist the pony tail step by step into a messy bun and pin it up with the help of bobby pins. Use hair spray to settle the fly-aways and you’re good to go.

twisted side bun adele hair tutorial wedding holiday hair 5
Picture credits: Freckled Fox blog

Fun tip: You can use a tiny section of hair and wrap it around the pony tail with some bobby pins. Also, you can back comb the pony tail to get a more voluminous and messy hair bun. You can also add flowers or other hair accessories to give it a more formal look.

5. The Double Dutch Braid 


Braiding never goes out of style and there are so many ways you can play with plaits – especially when your hair is long. The classic dutch braid is a look most of us can carry without too much hassle and you can even accessorize it to make it more presentable and chic.

The technique to make a simple dutch braid starts with a simple middle parting from your forehead to the nape of your neck. Clip one of the sides while you work on the other. Take a small section from either the left or right side and begin a backwards three-strand braid (a dutch braid is made by looping the hair under each section rather than over). Once you’re done braiding both sides using the dutch technique, you can either flaunt the two braids separately or tie them. Tease out the braid once you’ve tied it to give a thicker,patterned effect.

Fun tip: You can use pearl pins and flowers to accessorize the braids.


Amna Ayaz Khan
Amna Ayaz Khan
Amna Ayaz Khan is assistant editor of Karachista.com.

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