Struggling to find the perfect gift for HER?

Here’s to the artist, photographer, cook, fitness enthusiast, wife, mother, lover and whatever else she is. Love her. Celebrate her. Sometimes, you need that little something material to show her exactly, what she means to you or simply as a token of appreciation for all the hard work she puts in behind-the-scenes.

A Day at the Spa

What she wouldn’t give for a hot stone body massage. A day at the spa is a gift that she deserves – adulting can be exhausting. She needs some TLC too and there’s no place better than a spa for her to unwind. Karachi is home to some of the most luxurious spas. Some of our favourites are Toni n Guy, Raintree Spa, Saman’s Salon, Amethyst by Roohi, Mint Beauty Solutions and those are just to name a few.

Minty Beauty Solutions, Salons, Salons in Karachi
Mint Beauty Solutions is one of our faves


This Wishbeads bracelet allows her to write her wishes on teeny tiny pieces of paper to be stored inside the beautiful, handmade bead bracelet; you can guarantee she will cherish it. And what’s more? You can read her wishes, when she’s not looking (if you get caught, the blame’s on you, not us) and make her dreams come true.

For a less quirky, more sophisticated sister of the Wishbeads bracelet, get her a nice piece of jewelry. There’s nothing like a pair of diamond earrings to make her feel special. Our top pick? These from Aliel Jewelers are a head-turner:

If diamonds are not within your budget yet (they are a girl’s best friend, after all), head over to Swarovski for some beautifully unique head-turners at a more affordable price range.

Choose any or all of these dazzling pieces from the stunning signature Swan Collection

If sparkle is less of what you’re going for, then Zohra Rahman has some great pieces of sculpted finish jewelry, accenting golds and silvers.

Some of our favourites are Zohra’s Pierced & Pipe rings

Blue Pottery

Pakistan is well-reputed for its handicrafts and blue pottery is one of them.  Get her something that hits close to home, whether it’s a unique blue pottery vase or tray, it’s worth going to pick up something unique for her that no one else will have because no two pieces are the same.

Traditional to Multan, local vendors in Karachi also have huge varieties to pick and choose from

DIY Chalkboard Mug

Don’t let her be caught without a surface to capture her great ideas on while she’s having her morning cuppa. Or you could write a cute message to persuade your significant other to wash the mug after you’re done with your drink. The chalkboard mug serves as both a coffee mug and—you guessed it—a chalkboard. What’s more? You can DIY it to make it all the more special. Here’s the tutorial you’ll need:

The Gift of Learning

As soppy as it sounds, gift her a wonderful experience. Maybe there’s a skill that she’s been hankering over learning but hasn’t gotten round to doing it. Give her that nudge. It could be anything under the sun that she’s interested in like cooking or baking classes, private dance lessons (replacing boring workouts innovatively), guitar lessons, a professional makeup course, photography – the world is her oyster.

Accompany her to one of Easel Bay’s Date with Paints for a memorable, romantic experience
Pinch & Co. is a great option for cooking classes

A New Phone

We know we just mentioned gifting her an experience, but sometimes materialism takes over the best of us. Splurge on getting her a new phone – it’s something that’s functional so you know she’ll love it AND get use out of it. Ain’t nobody got time for lagging phones.

If everything else fails, you can never go wrong with flowers or chocolate (or both). You’re welcome.

Luxury flowers from Simply Flowers

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