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Exhibitions in Karachi 12th-21st May

There's a pre-Ramazan lull in exhibitions, with most people choosing to exhibit closer to Eid, so we just have three exhibitions for you to...

Eid Style Statements

The run up to Eid is always full of exhibitions and new collections. Whether you splurge on luxury designer pret or shop the high-street...

Exhibitions in Karachi- 10th-16th September 2015

With Eid-ul-Azha coming up, there's a flurry of Eid exhibitions in Karachi this week. Fashion Pakistan Council chairperson Sanam Chaudri is having one of her popular...

Exhibitions in Karachi- 3rd-10th September 2015

As promised, exhibitions are popping up all over Karachi in time for the pre-Eid season. Lucknow Sey is showcasing their Eid collection this weekend. Featuring...

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