The 5 best new Pakistani dramas to binge watch in self-isolation

There’s nothing quite like a Pakistani drama and we’ve had some fabulous drama series over the last few years – beautifully written and well-acted. And because the stories aren’t never-ending, there’s usually a satisfying story arc to follow. He are 5 recent dramas that we love!

The Best Pakistani Dramas to watch in 2020

Ok we’re just going to assume you’ve watched Meray Pass Tum Ho because no one could talk about anything else for weeks. But these recent dramas are all worth watching. Ye Dil Mera and Pyar Ke Sadqay are ongoing while the others just wrapped up.


Alif is one of the best dramas in recent times, this is an engaging story that has a deep spiritual element –  one that apparently made star Hamza Ali Abbasi reassess his acting career. The drama hinges on the stories of two actresses in different eras, Momina (Sajal Aly) and Husn-e-Jahan (Kubra Khan). Linking the two is Husn-e-Jahan’s son Momin, whose journey of self discovery is key to the multi-layered story. Deftly directed, with superb performances, Alif avoids being preachy and yet beautifully touches on the link between the spiritual and values like compassion and forgiveness. Deeply satisfying and a much-watch.

Ye Dil Mera

Real-life couple Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly, who recently married, come together in this twisty thriller. Both actors have given superb performances in this suspenseful romance that keeps you guessing. Amaan (Ahad) and Aina’s (Sajal) romance is never quite what it seems and as the story progresses you that Amaan has reason to hate Aina’s father Mir Farooq (Adnan Siddiqui). Compelling and intriguing, we can’;t wait to see how this turns out.

Ehd e Wafa

With a star-studded cast, Ehd e Wafa follows a group of college friends as they respectively become a bureaucrat, politician, journalist and soldier. The story sees them face challenges and grow, with a strong patriotic element and a theme about duty to one’s nation. The camaraderie and friendship of the four friends resonates through the drama, even as each follows his own trials and tribulations. The story isn’t exactly what you would expect and it has a feel-good factor that feels so necessary these days.

Pyar Ke Sadqay

Pyar ke Sadqay is a newish drama that has begun in a light-hearted and fun way. The story follows Abdullah (Bilal Abbas Khan) and Mehjabeen (Yumna Zaidi), two kind-hearted if naive characters who are a hilarious, refreshing pair. They spontaneously marry, but there’s a twist.  Sarwar (Omair Rana), Abdullah’s stepfather, also had his sights on Mehjabeen for marriage. We’re liking what we see so far and hope this one continues its promising path.

Ishq Zahe Naseeb

Ishq Zahe Naseeb is an underrated show, one that deserved more attention and praise. Brilliantly written and acted, it touches on issues of mental health. There are two intertwined stories. Sonya Hussain plays Gauhar, who loves Kashif but whose cousin Jenhangir is using a family debt to pressurise Gauhar into marrying him. Meanwhile, Sameer is a wealthy handsome young businessman with a split personality disorder brought on by some traumatic incidents in his past. His fiance Zoya died mysteriously; some believe Sameer killed her, while others believe she committed suicide. Sensitively written and absorbing, this one is worth a watch.



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