The Best Breakfast in Lahore – Part 2

Breakfast is one of my favourite meals and there’s nothing like starting Sunday with a brunch at one of Lahore’s top breakfast spots. Following on from our last piece on the best breakfasts in Lahore – Part 1, here are some more of our fave spots to brunch in Lahore.


Deja Lahore

Deja is my family’s go-to place for every kind of foodie emergency! What I love about the place (besides the chic interior and the ever smiling hostess) is that it’s a one-stop solution for all your culinary needs. Ready to pick up desserts, breakfasts, coffee or a quick lunch – they have it all! The breakfast menu was introduced a couple of months ago but I hadn’t had the chance to try it yet so off I went there last Sunday to do some “research” for you guys 🙂

I admit that the menu is small but it encompasses all the staple breakfast items one expects to find. When it was time to order, I knew I would end up succumbing to the lure of the French toast even before I opened the menu card, so I decided to lay low on the savory entree and ordered the baked smashed potatoes as a healthy start before I did my diet some serious damage with the red velvet pancakes and Oreo French toast.

Smashed Potatoes – Brunch at Deja Lahore

Presentation is one of Khadija’s strongest suits and it reflects in the tiniest of details in the food as well as the cafe. The smashed potatoes looked like a color riot on the plate! Bright red tomatoes, cheery yellow corn, fresh micro greens and a luscious dollop of cream cheese covered a bed of perfectly boiled potatoes cooked in their skins. Every bite was like a flavor explosion, with the zingy pesto sauce, spicy salsa and luscious sour cream wrestling with each other to gain supremacy. Definitely one to try!

The red velvet pancakes came next, in all their crimson glory. A sprinkling of blue berries accompany the dish for a bit of tang and freshness, along with maple syrup and a heavenly cream cheese frosting. The pancakes were fluffy and cooked to perfection and can even be customized to accommodate customers who want gluten-free. Yaay! However, the star of the day were definitely the Oreo French Toast. Served with an Oreo crumble, raspberry coulis and chocolate ganache, the french toast are gooey, pillowy soft and just melt in your mouth. This one was devoured in minutes and zero guilt because it was well worth the calories. A word to the wise: don’t make the mistake of ordering just one of these beauties because believe me when I tell you that you wouldn’t want to share this with anyone!



The Coffee Room at the recently opened Gulberg branch of Wasabi is the perfect place if you’re looking for a serene breakfast experience. Tucked away in a quiet nook just off M.M.Alam Road, this restaurant offers a truly zen environment to its customers with muted lighting, mellow instrumental music and Pan-Asian inspired décor soothing the senses as soon as you step inside.

The owners tell me that they had been wanting to do breakfast for a long time and toiled many months to come up with the current menu which is a wide array of healthy and indulgent. It was certainly a challenge to be true to the ethos of Wasabi, which has become one of the leading go-to places for the city’s sushi and seafood connoisseurs, while incorporating generic breakfast items that would attract a wider range of customers. In my opinion, they’ve managed to achieve this goal with flying colors.

Coming to the feast that was devoured there, I started off with the three cheese Tomatina. Laid out on chunky bread, the sweetness of the sundried tomatoes complimented the tender chicken chunks to perfection. The combo of the three cheeses lavishly sprinkled on top elevated the dish to a guaranteed crowd pleaser, which will be liked by kids and grownups alike.

Wasabi Lahore has an interesting breakfast menu

Next up, came the Salmon Gari Shoga Scramble, which was an egg dish deliciously inspired by Japanese cuisine. Consisting of thinly cut, smoky salmon topped with creamy scrambled eggs and a dash of black sesame seeds and capers, it is a seafood lover’s dream come true. The flavor balance of this dish was faultless and presentation was a 10/10.

Mac N Cheese Bowl

The Mac and Cheese Bowl has elbow pasta tossed in a subtle but spicy cheese-based sauce with a light sprinkling of paprika on top which adds a kick to the whole dish and ties it all together. But it doesn’t end here! Imagine stuffing this yumminess inside a block of bread and you’re in carb heaven! The in-house baked bread is light and buttery without being stodgy or heavy on the palate. Easily a super hit dish for the kids accompanying you or even ordered as a sharing plate to be enjoyed by everyone around the table as the portion size is huge!

Cowgirl Omelette

Last up, Mexican cowgirl omelette was fluffy, oozing with cheese and stuffed with bell peppers, kidney beans and black olives. It was further accompanied by three toppings: salsa, creamy spinach and sour cream. The veggies stuffed inside were surprisingly not soggy at all but in fact quite fresh and crunchy. Loved it! Their menu says “it’s all about the eggs” and it gloriously hold true for them!


Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts when you try these places. Have a great weekend!



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