Yes, sure, Buddha bowls and veganism are trending but who doesn’t love to sink their teeth into a good burger? Whether you prefer thick, juicy medium-rare burgers or chicken is more your style, Karachi has it all (including all the fixings!). If you’re a loyal Karachite or a visitor in town, be sure to give these burgers a try:

2 Guys 1 Grll

You doughnut wanna miss this (@2guys1grll Instagram)
The doughnut buns are slightly glazed to give the perfect combination of sweet and savoury. The juicy, medium rare beef patty will blow your mind (if you want a more well-done patty, be sure to ask). Fixings include cheddar cheese, rocket and 2 of their special sauces – the first one being lusciously cheesy and the second a tomatoey one that perfectly cuts the richness of the first.
They also provide 3 types of fries, straight cut, curly and sweet potato fries, served with an option of 4 sauces – sriracha mayo, pineapple hot sauce, maple mustard and bae-root (which is a beet root and cheese sauce).
They have a sense of humour too – to help you digest the food

Easy’s Chicken Parm Sandwich

Carbs in their most irresistible form (@easybyfatsos Instagram)

With a succulent, battered chicken patty, nestled between a homemade pretzel bun with marinara and nutty parmesan, Easy’s Chicken Parm Sandwich is a win-win. Great for when you wanna enjoy a quick, pick-me-up burger that won’t have you feeling bogged down and sluggish. The pretzel bun gives it just the right amount of chew.

If you feel squeamish about the idea of beef, this burger is the way to go. Oh, and don’t forget to Instagram that cheese pull – if you didn’t Instagram it, did it really happen?

Your only good decision this weekend


Messy in the best way possible – perfect way to celebrate cheat day

The name says it all. No fuss. Nothing complicated. A real burger with a thick, jucy beef patty (if you’re big on beef, go ahead and upgrade to two patties) and a velvety blanket of cheese. All this on a toasted wholewheat bun. What’s not to love?

Their famous combo of green beans and fries are just as good as their burgers. And if you’re lucky, you just might get a hold of their pomegranate slush – matches made in heaven. Perfect sides to the perfect burger.

Xander’s Burgers

So yes Xander’s isn’t purely a burger joint but they do make some of the best burgers in town – from their trio of sliders to the old school cheeseburger, these are burgers to be savoured. Pillowy buns and a soft, perfectly cooked patty with a range of fixings – hits the spot every time!





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