The best of Pakistani Fashion at the TDAP fashion show

Pakistani Fashion designer rizwan beyg's truck art collection
Rizwan Beyg’s famous take on truck art
The Trade & Development Authority Pakistan’s fashion show is usually little more than a blip on the fashion calendar. It was always a little-regarded adjunct to the annual EXPO, conscripted to add a little glamour to the proceedings but with a patchy or second-rate lineup. This year things were a little different. Some of the biggest names in Pakistani fashion came together to show on the platform. While the exercise may not have resulted in many concrete sales, it was a great advertisement for the best of Pakistani fashion.

Pakistani Fashion designer Maheen Khan's fashion presentation
Maheen Khan’s boho chic
The lineup was generally impressive including Maheen Khan, Rizwan Beyg, Sania Maskatiya, Sana Safinaz, Deepak Perwani, Faiza Samee, Tapu Javeri and PIFD students. There were also a couple of newbies and also-rans that left people wondering what the selection criteria for the show had been.

Pakistan Fashion students from PIFD show their collection
Creativity from PIFD students
The two-day event was a mish-mash of new and rehashed collections. While it’s always better to see something fresh on the ramp, the repeat collections from people like Rizwan Beyg and Deepak Perwani were perfect for this platform – all about showcasing Pakistani fashion to foreign visitors.
Day 1
Sana Safinaz presented a monochrome collection
Sana Safinaz’s Monochrome collection
Day 1 saw some strong collections by veterans, some kooky fashion from the students and a truly ‘meh’ collection by Zaheer Abbas. Here are some of the highlights.
Pakistan Fashion designer Sania Maskatiya's Hazan collection
Sania Maskatiya’s Hazan collection
Sania Maskatiya’s Hazan collection was more western than usual but her silhouttes and vision were impressive. This talented young designer goes from strength to strength.
Faiza Samee Pakistan Fashion show
Fazia Samee’s prints popped
Faiza Samee’s colourful contemporary play on prints was fusion desi chic at its best.
Sana Safinaz's sophisticated collection
Sana Safinaz’s sophisticated collection
Sana Safinaz showed their monochrome collection from the Veet Celebration of beauty. It was a welcome change from the bohemian folksy theme that a lot of the other designers had gone for. Elegant, sophisticated and effortless – this collection simply oozed glamour.
Farnaz Mustafa
Farnaz Mustafa
Farnaz Mustafa has quietly been making a name for herself among the social elite with her exquisite hand-worked outfits but she is new to this sort of platform. While there were some truly beautiful pieces the collection needed editing and cohesion and lacked a certain ramp polish.
Rizwan Beyg Truck art
Rizwan Beyg wowed the foreign contingent
Rizwan Beyg showed his spectacular PSFWtruck art collection. Creative, gorgeous and stylish this collection was used on the billboards from TDAP and rightly so. Well worth a second look and one of the favourites of the foreign contingent.
Tapu Javeri fashion accessories
Tapu Javeri’s fabulous prints
Tapu Javeri also showed his PSFW collection of terrific printed accessories featuring prints based on photos of old Karachi. Wardha Saleem designed the clothing used to showcase the collection. Again, a wonderful advertisement for Pakistan.
Pakistani fashion designer Zaheer Abbas
Zaheer Abbas – ‘meh’
Zaheer Abbas’s collection on the other hand was bland and confused. The less said the better.
Day 2
Pakistani fashion designer Maheen Khan Gulabo
Maheen Khan’s street style collection rocked
Maheen Khan opened Day 2 with a fun, upbeat casual collection featuring cool printed T-shirts, tunics and funky harem pants. Colourful, modern and sassy the collection was a bubbly start to the evening.
Pakistani fashion designer Deepak Perwani's collection
Deepak Perwani’s Frieda clutches have been flying out of his outlets
Deepak Perwani showed his FPW5 Frieda collection but he had tweaked it for this show. There was a new dogstooth print and some brilliantly cut monochrome dresses that toned down the quirkiness of the collection and put in firmly into a category aimed at foreign buyers. Smart thinking by Deepak.
Pakistani fashion designer Umaima Mustafa's collection
Umaima Mustafa showed some great detailing
Umaima Mustafa’s debut collection had some truly stunning pieces. Her creativity and detailing were impressive but the collection badly needed editing. The inclusion of some jarring pieces let down the whole collection, which was a shame as Umaima clearly has talent.


Funk Asia
Funk Asia
Funk Asia on the other hand was a huge disappointment. There was simply too much fabric and the jangly belts and statement necklaces failed to lift the collection. Other designers showed much better examples of funky Asian wear.
Pakistani fashion designer Fahad Hussayn's palatial kitsch collection
Fahad Hussayn’s Palatial Kitsch
Fahad Hussayn’s Palatial Kitsch collection contained some very strong pieces but a significant minority failed to hit the mark. Fahad is often guilty of letting his styling swamp his substance but this time his core content needed to be stronger.
Pakistani fashion designer Ayesha Ibrahim
Boudoir chic by Ayesha Ibrahim didn’t go down well
Ayesha Ibrahim on the other hand showed perhaps the worst collection of the two-day event. Lingerie-like outfits that could only be labeled tacky boudoir chic and bad tailoring left viewers wondering about the selection process for the event.
Pakistani fashion designer Ahmed Bham's menswear
Ahmed Bham’s menswear
Ahmed Bham’s collection also left a lot to be desired. Unless he was going for a shiny suited, ironic message it really is hard to understand what he was thinking. These were not sophisticated tuxedos and suits – they were over-embellished, tight and somehow just a little “tailor in Saddar”.
Pakistani fashion designer Shamaeel Ansari's collection
Shamaeel Ansari’s elegant collection
Shamaeel Ansari’s collection meanwhile was simply stellar. An entirely new collection for autumn it was chic, understated, elegant and classic Shamaeel.
Pakistani Institute of Fashion Design students
More kookiness from the PIFD students
Overall Rabiya Javeri has done a good job putting together a showcase for Pakistani fashion despite the fact EXPO isn’t really about fashion – it’s about surgical instruments, carpets, fans and rice. The textile industry may be one of Pakistan’s export success stories but Pakistan’s fledgling fashion industry simply isn’t in the running yet. Fashion Pakistan Council chairperson Saman Chaudri revealed that the FPC lounge at EXPO 2013 did good business. However, the fashion industry is still not equipped to handle the sort of numbers required for export to mass markets. Pakistani fashion needs to focus on growing its footprint in regional markets where there is huge demand for our talented designers. Meanwhile ensuring our best designers show at TDAP helps to showcase the talent in the Pakistani fashion industry. TDAP may not result in sales but there are significant intangible benefits from raising awareness about the best of our fashion.
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Salima Feerasta
Salima Feerasta
Salima Feerasta is chief editor of and one of Pakistan's top fashion and lifestyle journalists.

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