The City School: Best Results Ever!

City School has just announced their best O Level and Matriculation results ever! It’s great to be able to celebrate a local institution offering exceptional opportunities to young people right here in Karachi. The City School is a name familiar to parents in Karachi but many people are unaware of the breadth and quality of the education they offer.

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How did they achieve such stellar results?

Every parent has a dream for their children when they admit them to school. They all want their children to study hard in school and excel in their education. Parents also want their children to choose a career that they desire – perhaps as a doctor, an engineer or  in information technology.

The City School Karachi

Many times parents unknowingly try to steer their children’s career based on their own will. This can be reflected especially in subject selection that a student decides to opt for and the extra-curricular activities the students take part in. Although parents do this for the child’s best interest and successful future, in today’s world research shows that this stifles the children’s creativity and freedom as they might be interested in other subjects and activities – from a wide variety of options offered on campuses altogether. Choosing the path parents have selected for them makes students be subjected to extreme stress and unhappiness and results in more failures coupled with demotivation.

The City School Successful Method:

This year, when The City School announced their achievements at their O/A Level and Matriculation results, everyone was awe struck. For forty years, The City School year after year excels and achieves the best results across Pakistan. Despite being a big network, there are numerous things that The City School does right that helps them get this achievement each year. Let me detail on how The City School excels and holds an edge in their methodology.

Best exams results at The City School

The City School believes that every child is special and important in their own right. No matter the age or grade, each student a right to express their opinions and study the subjects that they desire, so they can have a learning journey which is uniquely their own.

The City School offers a great deal of choice to its students from the kind of subjects they are offered to the array of co-curricular activities that they want to be involved in. To ensure that every child is given the opportunity to opt for subjects and activities that suit them, The City School goes out of the way in involving all parents in numerous counseling sessions with the student so that they may be able to chalk out a plan for the future together – through the will and perspective of the child. The City School knows that every child is different and this is why a wide variety of subjects and activities are offered to the students, so they can be more intimately involved and interested in their learning process.

Co-learning at The City School

A diverse selection of subjects are offered to students for their O/A Levels grades. At all classes at the City School, individual attention is given to the pupils to ensure that all students are learning at their own pace and that no one is left behind. This enables them to excel in their studies. The recent O/A Levels results show that the students of the school have been consistently performing well over the years, pay homage to the high quality of education and diverse range of subjects being offered to the pupils at The City School.

Co-Curricular Activities to Inspire every student:

The extra-curricular activities that The City School houses for its students is a feather in the cap for the private school network as opportunities to get involved are unprecedented.

It has long been recognized that co-curricular activities hold value in shaping the personality of children. When parents decide to choose The City School for their children, this is one the key deciding factors for them.

The City School’s co-curricular activities are wide-ranging, dynamic and interesting. Be it sports, music, art or even gym facilities, there is something available for every student!

The City School ensures that every student’s case is handled differently and with sensitivity. The pupils are repeatedly encouraged to choose co-curricular activities that they want to be involved in, so every child receives an opportunity to step into the limelight and hone their confidence, skills and abilities.

Public speaking is an asset that is required by every professional in today’s world. The City School inculcates the confidence in its students to speak up, voice their opinions and take part in debates and competitions. The students of the school have repeatedly excelled at Model United Nations (MUNs) which have given them invaluable exposure and enabled them to shine brighter, than students from other private school networks.

Youth Programme and The City School Ideology:

The City School distinguishes itself in shaping the personality of the students in a holistic and distinctive way. The Youth Programme is a part of that ideology through which the students are trained to become responsible, well groomed, global citizens.

The City School bright stars are also motivated to take part in Adventure Tourism by going on international trips, through which they gain an insight into how educational systems work in different countries and get a taste of their cultures. By taking part in international camps, the schoolboys and girls get a chance to compete at the international level and represent the City School and Pakistan with dedication and pride.

The programme involves students in different activities through which they develop sensitivity towards underprivileged and minorities, deal with teenage behavioural concerns, help in recycling and waste management or in energy and water conservation or learn about deforestation hazards, among other causes.

From the very start, students are taught in a way that they can contribute to the betterment of the society, Pakistan and the world.

Foreign Language Proficiency:

In order to provide the best possible instruction to students, it is now mandatory for all City School teachers to take a British Council English Proficiency Test APTIS teacher or APTIS advanced, so that they become certified English Language speakers. This also puts the parents at ease that their children, are in the hands of well-qualified and well-trained instructors.

On the other hand, students and adults are eligible to take up and learn other languages at The City School premises under the newly developed Foreign Languages wing. The classes are offered in the afternoon after school hours and in the evening as well, to ensure that the wider public can benefit from these courses for their studies and/or careers.

The City School also offers IELTS and SAT preparation classes which benefit students who are taking their next step towards independence and preparing for university admissions. These courses ensure that The City School students have opportunity to benefit from all kinds of instruction at their beloved institutions, be it at the national level or by appearing in courses which are designed to make them internationally competitive.

All in all, The City School has now become a one-stop solution to all educational needs of the 21st century learning. Not only is it internationally competitive but today through its strong values-based curriculum, The City School is now changing the educational landscape by creating thousands of citizens of the future who represent Pakistan around the world

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