Wednesday, January 20, 2021

The Hottest Spring-Summer Trends 2019

Spring (blazing heat if you’re in Karachi) is here – which means it’s finally time to break out the lighter and brighter side of our wardrobe. Here are the latest trends this spring-summer season – pick wisely what you can pull off…some of these can make or break your look.

Neon Eyeliner

This spring, it’s all about fresh pops of colour; whether they’re on your clothes, your eyes or your lips – we’re all for it. Nothing screams spring better than a hot pink lip or a neon eye. Less is always more, so don’t overdo the look.

Tie Dye

Tie dye is coming in hot! This retro look is everywhere, even Converse launched a tie dye collection and we are not complaining.

Glossy Makeup

Move over mattes, the dew and gloss are in. Keep your makeup looking natural and dewy to give you a goddess-like glow. Sheen up your favourite matte liquid lippies by dabbing a little bit of clear gloss over them. Let your skin breathe by going au naturel. This summer is not about cake-face. Really invest in your skincare products and make sure they’re suited to your skin type to bring out that natural glow.


Time to whip out the string of pearls that you got as a hand-me-down from grandma. Whether it’s a pearl necklace, bracelet or dainty earrings, they’ll surely be crowd-pleasers this summer season.

Transparent Heels

Go clear this season with transparent heels, if they float your boat. We’re not huge fans of this look – who wants to see squished, bruised toes… It’s summer – just wear flip flops, already.

Fanny Packs

Who knew fanny packs would be the new cool in 2019? This trend has taken on a classic and given it a modern twist. Look like the next Instagram model by wearing it across your chest.

Cow Print Nails

Holy cow! Kendall Jenner and Ariana Grande have been spotted rocking this trend. The finished black-and-white look, much like leopard print, acts kind of like a neutral with a little extra oomph. We don’t really dig this look. Let’s just leave the cows in the fields (and in burgers) – where they belong – not our nails.


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