The Sunshine Miracle In Your Fridge

If life gives you lemons, do a little happy dance. From the juice to the rind – this sunny fruit is fabulously versatile. Make your life easier by tackling tough household chores, preserve produce, keep bugs at bay and more all with the help of the lemon.

Clean fruits & veggies with Lemon

Most produce – in fact, all produce – comes in contact with all sorts of harmful chemicals like pesticides, polluted water and debris before it enters our kitchens; even organic foods carry some sort of bacteria. Water alone cannot get rid of these chemicals. Help wash it all away with a home-made cleansing spray. Add the juice of two lemons, a dash of distilled vinegar and cold water to a spray bottle and spritz onto your fruits and veggies before running them under the tap.

Polishing cast iron and stainless steel utensils with Lemon

Our heavy duty tawas are notorious for getting burnt and collecting black residues. To remove this and streaky fingerprints and greasy grime, grab half a lemon, dip it in salt and rub on your desired utensil and then wipe away with a clean towel.

For extra grease-fighting power, mix the juice of a lemon with a little baking soda to form a paste and scrub away.

Keep bugs at bay with lemon

Fill up a spray bottle with two parts lemon juice to one part water and mist around your window sills and door frames to keep uninvited guests out of your personal space.

Lighten stains with lemons

Karachi exerts magical powers over your wardrobe. You slowly transition to an ivory, ecru-based wardrobe and although these ensembles are the epitome of grace, they don’t cooperate with stains. Sometimes, soapy water just isn’t good enough. Rub lemon juice (don’t go overboard) directly onto the stain to lighten it and leave behind a refreshing scent.

Preserve produce with lemon

Some fruits and vegetables turn brown when cut – lemon juice buys you a little more time by slowing down the browning process. Rub lemon directly onto the exposed side of an apple or sprinkle the juice of lemons on pear and peach slices to keep your produce looking fresher for longer.

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