This new mendhi song with Sanam Chaudry has a surprising secret!

It’s wedding season and we are dusting off our best moves for all the dholkis and mendhis around town. There’s nothing like a punjabi beat to get a mendhi rocking and Strepsils Stereo Season 2 just released a cracking number. Fast-paced and catchy, the video for the song features the awesome Sanam Chaudry and we can’t stop our feet from tapping along!

Perfect for either the groom’s side or the bride’s side, this pumping tune will rev up the dance floor but the song has a surprising secret. It’s an Acappella – this means that all the sounds, from the rocking beat to the swinging tune, are produced by voice, mouth or claps …there’s not a single instrument in sight. Surprised? We certainly were because Billo is unlike any other Acappella we’ve heard before. Producing a musical number this way isn’t easy as Acappella tends to be slower paced to allow for blending harmonies. The the sheer pace of this number is mind-boggling, and Ali Noor and Ahsan Parvez continue to master the art of Acappella by joining together for the 5th consecutive song of the Strepsils Stereo platform.

Billo is a great mendhi song

Billo features the powerful voices of the likes of Ahsan Parvez and Mehak Ali with the production expertise of Ali Noor and Mandana Zaidi. Mehak’s voice is a very interesting blend of rich and soulful, and unites very well with Ahsan’s pitch. We spoke to Ali Noor about the song and he admitted that producing such an upbeat, fast-paced Acapella was quite a challenge. We love the way the team has managed to reproduce the traditional feel of a Mehndi song without instruments – you’d never believe there wasn’t a dhol leading the way!

Sanam Chaudry as Billo

The song is beautifully choreographed with the gorgeous Sanam Chaudry as Billo – and we have to admit we enjoyed her spunky Dulhan friend who throws convention to the winds and enjoys dancing at her own wedding! The festive decor and beautiful clothes in the video are an added bonus.

Billo is on YouTube and Facebook and is available to download on SoundCloud – and you’re sure to be hearing it a lot this wedding season. Kudos to Strepsils for supporting original music this way, and we hope that brands continue to support original music and budding talent across the country!

Salima Feerasta
Salima Feerasta
Salima Feerasta is chief editor of and one of Pakistan's top fashion and lifestyle journalists.

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