Top 10 Late Night Desserts to Have in Karachi

Top 10 Late Night Desserts to Have in Karachi

Who says desserts are for the end of a meal? Well, the official Oxford dictionary but my sweet tooth doesn’t agree. Dessert may be the perfect sweet ending to a delicious meal but there’s nothing like a yummy gooey sugary treat to satisfy those late night cravings. So, for those of you who having growling stomachs late at night, then here are some delicious desserts to dive into in Karachi.

  1. Neco’s French Toast: 

    Since we’ve decided that dessert isn’t just for after meals, I think French toast can break out from the breakfast straight-jacket too. In any case, Neco’s French toast is nothing like any other I’ve ever had. The size of a doorstep, the French toast is more like a delicious bread and butter pudding than a thin slice of toast. It can have a range of fruits for a topping but I absolutely adore the crunchy caramelized bananas. It is then drizzled with caramel sauce and waiting for you to tuck in.

Does that look good or what!
Does that look good or what!
  1. Burger O’clock Nutella Burger: 

    The most eccentric concoction that anyone has come up with, that is also on the cheaper side in comparison to some of the other desserts, the Nutella Burger has soft sugar glazed doughnuts for buns and a cake, filled with oozing Nutella for the patty. For the cucumbers we have kiwis, for the tomatoes we have strawberries and for the cheese we have pineapple slices. In a roundabout way this isn’t really cheating on your diet…I mean it has fruit.

A sweet take on your typical burger
A sweet take on your typical burger


  1. Okra’s Crème Brûlée: 

    It’s a late night but you had a pretty good day; you’re feeling a little fancy and you deserve to treat yourself. You need to have Okra’s crème brûlée because, other than it being a pretty sophisticated dessert, it is also absolutely stunning. The sugary coat that covers the perfectly whipped custard crème is browned to perfection. Once the outer coat is cracked, leaving a beautiful crunching sound in its wake, the custard itself is light and fluffy. The mix of soft and crunchy will make your hunger disappear in mere moments.

For a fancy night, creme bruelle is a diner's delight
For a fancy night, creme brule is a diner’s delight


  1. Bella Vita Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies:

    Now, I don’t know about you, but I get late night cravings but don’t actually have the energy to actually get up and go to a restaurant. I was finally given a solution by a cousin who told me that I can get warm, mouth-watering, giant cholate chip cookies all in the comfort of my own home. Bella Vita delivers to your home along with any ice-cream flavour of your choice. You also don’t necessarily need to get the large cookies, you can get small ones, but what’s the fun in that?

Nothing like a scrumptious giant cookie with ice cream on top
Nothing like a scrumptious giant cookie with ice cream on top
  1. Xander’s Double Chocolate Brownies:

    Brownies hold a very high place in my list of favourite desserts, and for a while Hot Spot held that place pretty well. However, while I am devoted Hot Spot Nutella brownie lover, the Xander’s brownie is equally scrumptious. Their brownie is simply heavenly, with melted Lindt chocolate chunks and a gooey brownie centre and a light crunchy top. The warmth of the brownie is then challenged by cold ice-cream creating an explosion of textures and flavours. If you’re feeling particularly spontaneous I suggest having the raspberry brownie that adds another layer of an undeniably sensational flavour.

One of the best brownies in town!
One of the best brownies in town!
  1. Chai Walla’s Nutella Paratha : 

    Everyone single one of you must have visited the Chai Walla shop and had one of their extraordinary paratha. You probably started with a savoury one and thought you would have enough space for a Nutella one too but you don’t. So my advice? Have it as a late night dessert. The Nutella paratha is the classic combination of savoury and sweet but the crunchy paratha itself adds another twist.

Nothing like a late night nutella paratha
A fusion dessert, the desi paratha with creamy nutella
  1. Scream’s Liquid Nitrogen Ice-Cream :

    Other than sounding like something that came out of a laboratory, the liquid nitrogen ice-cream has built up quite a reputation in Karachi. After a spectacular debut at the Karachi Eat Festival, they’ve now opened up a shop. The ice-cream is prepared right in front of you and you can watch, wide-eyed and pressed up against the glass, as blasting cold fumes turn your ice-cream mix into a perfectly rounded scoop of ice-cream. The ice-cream flavours range from Choco-Nutella to Blue Berry Cheesecake, ready to satisfy every niche craving you have.  This is the best ice-cream to eat on a blisteringly hot night when your electricity goes out and your hunger starts to rise.

A new kind of ice cream, created in front of your eyes


  1. Bond Street Waffles :

    Waffles, another breakfast/dessert that is a favourite of mine. Bond Street Waffles offers a variety of piping hot waffles with different sauces, creams and ice-creams to dollop and drizzle on top. Personally, I like the classic waffle with vanilla ice-cream and chocolate sauce but you can have any combination you like.

Nothing like warm waffles on a late night….
  1. Chatterbox’s Pizookie:

    When I first heard of this I instantly fell in love with it, but the first place I tried it at did it no justice whatsoever. When I eventually tried Chatterbox’s version, I had almost given up. The Pizookie is absolutely delicious, similar to pizza slice with the perfect ratio of chocolate chips and thick gooey Nutella. Let’s just say my diet was on a break that day.

The perfect combination in a dessert, this is definitely your cheat meal.
  1. Rehmat- E- Shereen’s Kulfi Falooda:

    When it’s late and you’re crave something refreshing yet nostalgic, head to Rehmat-E-Shereen. They make absolutely the best Kulfi-Falooda there is. The ice-cream is nice but Kulfi Falooda is something special – the perfect antidote to Karachi’s sticky hot nights.

Nothing can be the good old desi falooda
Nothing can beat the good old desi falooda

There you have it, a whole list of desserts to make your late light cravings easier. I don’t know about you but I will definitely being testing some of these, very soon.


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