With the new buzz around ethical modern design, the idea of refining the aesthetic to its absolute core has become fashionable. Creating timeless and efficient, quality products for the multitasking individual of today the minimalist aesthetic is both functional and chic. Effortless design paired with neutral colour palettes with classic silhouettes are the rage. Here’s a list of our favourite minimalist brands- offering invaluable and longevity accounted products.

Mansur Gavriel

Mansur Gavriel although not a common household name is one of powerhouses of minimalist bag design. Pioneering the effortlessly chic bucket bag and also introducing the round bag in the recent New York Fashion week, Mansur Gavriel dictates style trends with its ultra modern, minimalist aesthetic. Single coloured accessories, functional designs and top quality materials render Mansur Gavriel one of the crowd favourites, you can often see starlets and models donning Mansur Gavriel bags as they venture off the runway and onto the streets.


Everlane is one of the most popular ethical brands in the US currently, based out of San Francisco, California the brand has a collection of wearable designs. From the bags to the shoes to the clothes, Everlane products when used feel like they are made with love. With high-quality materials and transparent pricing, no one seems to be able to resist Everlane products, not even the Duchess of Sussex!

Everlane’s Minimalist functional and wearable clothing line


Linjer is brand that was started by a duo who esteem and emphasizes durable design paired with premium quality materials without the premium price tag of luxury brands. Producing elegant high quality products, Linjer items are definitely a steal. From the unbranded watch with HQ functions to its premium leather goods aligned with a scandinavian minimalist aesthetic. Linjer’s exquisite (yes… tried and tested!) products are also great for gifts. Their luxury leather goods for men (in an affordable range) are a great idea for gifts when you’re running out of ideas!

Linjer Bags
Linjer Watch (For Men and Women)


Regardless of the fact that most minimalist pieces look simple and basic, they often carry hefty price tags. Although a little more pricey than high street brands, COS has a range of reasonably priced clothes and bags. They are definitely worth it because of their excellent fit and versatility these pieces become the most worn items in your closet. COS also hosts a range of super modern bags and shoes and sleek jewelry.

COS Clothing Line with Sleek and timeless cuts
COS Accessories and Shoes


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