Unbeatable by Shahla Rahman at Pantene Hum Showcase 2018

This year at the Hum Showcase 2018, Unbeatable by Shahla Rahman showcased her collection “Iridescent”. Inspired by the subtle sophistication and beauty of pearls, Shahla Rahman of Unbeatable puts together a collection that is crisp, fresh and true to her pret roots. Cool and breezy summer fabrics combined with attention to detail. Subtle yet deep, iridescent like a pearl. Shahla Rahman’s collection is simplistic in nature yet deep- with thought and attention in the cut, stitching and embellishments – the initial inspiration- Pearls.

This collection uses different types of light airy fabrics but the main uniting force is the uniform use of pearly whites. The collection is graceful, showcasing a variety of cuts and silhouettes – yet remaining steadfastly attuned to the theme, Iridescent.


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