As much as I love the convenience of pret, there’s something magical about unstitched fabric – that feeling of unexplored possibilities and the ability to give an outfit a truly unique twist. This weekend Khaadi launched the first volume of their Unstitched Winter Collection and so of course I headed to Dolmen Mall to check in out.

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How lovely are these colours?

I have to admit that I’m very fussy about fabric which is why I’ll only buy unstitched suits from a handful of brands. Khaadi’s fabric is top-notch, which is why they are always one of my picks for a seasonal wardrobe update.

The Winter Unstitched Volume 1 offers a huge variety of fabric and prints with something for everyone, whether they live in the tropical south or the chilly north of the country. From khaddar to poly-viscose to formal silk and chiffon, there’s plenty of choice for a festive winter season.

The most formal parts of the collection are the chiffon range, featuring printed silk backs and embroidered chiffon fronts, and the embroidered khaddar 3-piece outfits with gorgeous printed shawls. There are also embroidered two-piece outfits and, for everyday wear, printed two-piece and three-piece outfits.

Such evocative prints for winter from khaadi

Personally, as pretty as these outfits are, almost one of them are styled the way I would style them. That’s really the beauty of unstitched fabric, you can style it anyway you please. One of the things I love about the two piece khaddar outfits was the number that featured embroidered pants. At around Rs2,200, these are a steal as the embroidered pants can be mixed and matched with so many different outfits.

For example, with this outfit, which is actually more of a mint green than the colour it appears in this picture, I would wear the pretty print with cigarette pants in the bark brown hue in the print while I’d pair those lovely embroidered trousers with a simple off-white khaddar top.

This is one of my favourite outfits from Khaadi’s WInter Unstitched collection

From delicate florals to bold geometrics to diffuse prints, the collection has plenty of variety. This pretty geometric embroidery with a kaantha-style shawl is striking and atmospheric for the winter season.

Untitched fabric from khaadi can be styled in so many different ways

The new Khaadi Winter Collection Volume 1 is in-store and online at – Khaadi’s collection is always popular so do pick up your favourites before they’re gone!

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