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Valentine’s Day Dessert – 10 fab sweets for your sweet

Ok so this started out as a “5 great Valentine’s Day Desserts” piece…but with a sweet tooth like mine and so many favourites in town, there was no way I could limit myself to just 5! From stunning strawberry pavlovas to rich decadent chocolate cakes, there are soo many options. Do make sure you order within a day or two as most of the best bakers in town close their orders 5 or 6 days before V-Day.

1. Mahrukh’s Strawberry Pavlova

This is hand’s down my favourite Pavlova in K-town. With a light crisp meringue and fresh, whipped cream, Mahrukh’s Pavlovas are simply fabulous!

Mahrukh's strawberry pavlova
Mahrukh’s strawberry pavlova

Mahrukh also makes a lovely range of savoury items, salads, cakes and desserts. Her whole baked fish, Thai green curry and fruit trifle are just some of my favourites. Check her FB page for more details or contact her on [email protected].

2. Sprinkles Mini Cupcakes

Ayesha Jamil’s cupcakes are scrumptious. She’s one of the few bakers in town that balances the cake and the frosting perfectly, with a flavourful cake that stands on its own merits – no cake mixes here! Her frostings are rich and creamy without being cloying and she makes bite-size versions of most of her cakes.

Sprinkles mini cupcakes
Sprinkles mini red velvet cupcakes

Sprinkles’ red velvet cupcakes are delicious but other flavours worth trying include chocolate, butterscotch, lemon and cinammon roll.

Sprinkles: 03212345534

3. YUM mini desserts

Amna Tauqeer at YUM is a whizz in the kitchen, turning out picture-perfect cupcakes, desserts, cakes and savouries. Order a fabulous statement cake or some of YUM’s delicious mini-desserts such as strawberry cheesecake or banoffee pie.

Amna's showstopper cakes, cupcakes and mini desserts
Amna’s showstopper cakes, cupcakes and mini desserts

Check YUM’s Facebook page for more details or call 0341-9733023

4. Lal’s Macarons

Lal’s chocolates are a Valentine’s staple gift but this year they’ve got a huge variety of sweet treats in their Valentine’s collection. The selection includes cake pops, chocolates, macarons, showpiece cakes and a range of gourmet treats. They’re even offering gelato macarons though I’m not sure how they’ll make sure those don’t melt. Even without the gelato, their macarons are a winner and definitely on my wish list!

Lal's macarons

Order online via or head to their outlets:

Karachi Outlets
5-C, 3rdZamzama lane,
Phone: +92-21-3587-8883

5-C, Khayaban-e-Shahbaz,
Phone: +92-21-35343222

Lahore outlet
Shop #33, Ground floor,
Outer circle, Defence Commercial Plaza, Block Y,
Phone: +92-42-35720391

5. Cupcakes by Fatema Rawji

Fatema Rawji’s Kitchen offers everything from Tiramisu to quiche to Fruit Pizza. Her cakes, trifles and savouries are all delicious and her dhokra are a must at any tea I have. Best of all, the proceeds all go to charity! For Valentine’s Day, try a batch of her awesome red velvet cupcakes.

Cupcakes by Fatema Rawji
Cupcakes by Fatema Rawji

Contact her via her FB page

6. Dark Chocolate Tart by Rania’s Sweet Eats

I’ve written about Rania’s stupendous salted caramel chocolate cake before by Rania has a host of other treats. For Valentine’s dessert try her deliciously decadent chocolate tart!

dark chocolate tart by Rania's sweet eats
Dark chocolate tart by Rania’s sweet eats

Contact Sweet Eats on 0300 2187004 or on her FB page.

Note: Rania has terrible cell phone reception at her place so if she doesn’t pick up, try texting.

7. Reema’s Chocolate Gateau Cake

Staying with the dark and decadent theme, why not opt for Reema’s Dark Chocolate Gateau. Incredibly rich with a molten chocolate centre, this dessert is deservedly one of K-town’s favourite order-in treats!

Reema's chocolate gateau cake
Reema’s chocolate gateau cake


Reema also does fabulous Thai catering – call her on 03009218840 or check out her Facebook

8. Strawberry Shortcake by Aunty Munawer

If you’re not in the mood for chocolate, opt for another of Karachi’s favourite desserts….Aunty Munawer’s Strawberry Shortcake. Layers of buttery shortcrust pastry, sandwiched together with a vanilla scented creme patisserie and smothered in strawberries and spun sugar. Totally worth every calorie!

Strawberry shortcake by Aunty Munawer
Strawberry shortcake by Aunty Munawer


Contact Aunty Munawer on 03028273100 or via her Facebook page

9. Pane & Amore Cupcakes

Soft, yummy cupcakes with a generous topping of fluffy topping – Pane & Amore makes some of the best American-style cupcakes in town. The selection changes daily but it’s a good bet that Red Velvet will be on the menu on Valentine’s Day!

Pane & Amore Red Velvet Cupcake
Pane & Amore Red Velvet Cupcake

Contact them via Facebook or head to Pane & Amore at 18-C, 1st Floor, 5th Commercial Lane.

Tel: 021-32042746, 0321 239 477

10.Ok so number 10’s a bit of a cheat….it’s all the desserts that look yummy but that I haven’t had a chance to try yet.

a) Strawberry Pavlova from the Poached Pear

The Poaches Pear’s selection boxes of desserts look so more-ish. This is their Valentine Strawberry Pavlova:

Strawberry pavlova by the poached pear

Order via their Facebook page or call0331 7327333


b) Le Patissier Strawberry and Vanilla Cream Heart

Possibly the most picture-perfect dessert on my list, this apparently tastes as good as it looks. Le Patissier’s quietly been making a name for complex, beautiful desserts with a distinct Parisian feel. I haven’t had a chance to try this yet but am looking forward to it!

Le Patissier strawberry cake


“To Order, please message or call on 03008277998 (Same number for whatsapp), or inbox their Facebook page.

c) Strawberry Pavlova by The Mad Batter Girl

Strawberry Season and Valentine’s Day are a match made in heaven. The Mad Batter Girl also has a strawberry pavlova for Valentine’s Day and it looks deelish!

Strawberry pavlova the mad batter girl

Check out The Mad Batter on FB or call +92 3355 TMB TMB (862862)

d) Munaza’s Strawberry Pavlova

Yet another pavlova – but this one gets extra points for being heart shaped! Munaza also has a special selection box of four dessertd for Valentines Day: One strawberry pavlova, one chocolate orange surprise, one strawberry souffle and one heart shaped brownie.

Munazza's Desserts

Call 03218751970 or check out Munaza’s Desserts on FB

e) Chocolate dipped strawberries by The Cakery

Now I’m not sure whether The Cakery has taken this picture themselves or (as I suspect) “borrowed” it off the net but chocolate dipped strawberries are a perfect Valentine’s treat. Worth scouting for sure.

The cakery chocolate covered strawberries

They’re on Zamzama between Subway and Deepak Perwani –  3C, 4th Zamzama Commercial Lane

Tel: +922135876600-01 +923219811758 +923452690757

Or click for their Facebook page



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