Wear your love for Pakistan – Independence Day fashion

I’m all for showing your love for your country, but Independence Day fashion has to walk a fine line between patriotic passion and tackiness. If you’re dropping thousands of rupees on a kurta, you want it to be something you can wear again after the jingoistic fervour of 14th August.


Over recent years, brands have improved their Independence Day offerings. Some, like Elan, limit themselves to a tasteful green and white window display or more green outfits than usual, like Sana Safinaz. Others like Zainab Chottani, Gul Ahmed, Sapphire and Bonanza actually put out capsule collections ranging from cotton kurtas to semi-formals.


Elan’s tasteful 14th August display

Inevitably there are some tacky pieces but most brands seem to have realised that the best place for a flag is a lapel pin. Most 14th August collections feature just the colour green or digital prints based on architecture, coins, calliagraphy or truck art, with the odd crescent thrown in.



Several pieces notable for their wit or their aesthetic sense. A few enterprising vendors are also selling jewellery, cushions, notebooks and T-shirts themed around Independence Day.

With so much choice, perhaps it’s time to flaunt your pride in Pakistan. Azaadi Mubarak folks!


Gul Ahmed Ideas
Gul Ahmed Ideas


Salima Feerasta
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