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Pakistani marathon weddings can be a style challenge but all those back to back events are a great opportunity to experiment. You may have picked out your clothes and jewellery in advance but the right hairstyle can really bring together your look. Hair can be a major game changer when it comes to  style, and since every person’s hair differs, it’s important to plan ahead. No one wants the same old boring hairstyle for every function but if you leave it up totally up to the stylists in the salon, you may end up struggling to undo an aunty-style at home. There are so many trendy wedding hairstyles out there and it’s great to have a different look every day – but at the same time it should suit your hair texture as well as your outfit. Inspired by Sunsilk’s Wedding Season looks from their new Wedding Diaries ad with the bubby Hania Amir, we’ve put together a wedding hairstyle guide just for you.

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1.  The Braid 

Hania Amir wearing a side braid and outfit by Sania Maskatiya

Braids have totally moved on from the classic schoolgirl choti, whether they’re loosely woven, intricately laced or more classically inspired. They look beautifully feminine and there are so many ways to wear them, which will suit all types of hair. There is the intricate multi-faceted braid that looks gorgeous, especially on thick Asian hair and if adorned with flowers or studded pins, gives the most regal look.

There are so many way to wear a braid,  can be worn on the side or straight down the back, in a French, Dutch or Fishtail Style. These braids look great on a dholki, mayoon or mehendi, when you will be dancing away, and not have to worry about your hair flying all over the place – your hair stays intact and so does your style.

If you don’t have luscious locks to carry off the longer braids, then the bohemian style messy braid is for you. This not only gives you a ‘casual chic’ look, but also doesn’t require you to go through the torturous wait at the salon! It takes 5 minutes to do, and can easily be done at home by yourself.

2. The Blow-Dry – great for showing off those long, healthy locks

Hania Amir showing off her luscious locks with an outward blow-dry and Jorra by Nomi Ansari

The Blow-Dry is the idiot-proof way to get ready when it comes to any event. When in doubt then just blow-dry! Blow-dry’s can easily be done at home, if you follow the right techniques and there are lots of youtube video’s and tutorials to help you do that. But nowadays a blow-dry is not so straight forward, there are several types of blow-dry’s that suit different cuts, textures, and lengths. Thinking through your blow-dry can actually make a major difference in your appearance! First of all we have the inward blow-dry, this is actually best for shoulder length hair with a fringe and feathered haircut. Its a great way to show off a fresh cut as well as any hair colour that is done towards the crown of your hair.

Then there is the straight-blowdry, which is best suited for those of you that prefer a straight sleek look, and a great way to show off longer hair.

Mahira Khan  with a straight blow-dry. looking gorgeous in a sari

Lastly there is the outward blow-dry, which really adds an ‘oomph’ factor to your hair. It gives all types of hair volume, curls and a great bounce giving off a glamorous feel.

3. Half up and Half down

Hania Amir wearing a matha patti and a Sania Maskatiya outfit

This look has the front part of the hair at the crown tied up or secured with pins, and the bottom part openly flowing. This is the perfect look to carry if you have any kind of head jewellery to wear. Whether its a mattha-patti, saharey, jhoomar, teekha  or any heirloom jewellery that you really want to show, this hairstyle is the best way to carry it off. This look by Hania Amir from the Sunsilk Wedding Diaries ad features soft curls and a half-updo that is perfect for thick long hair.

Show off your beautiful heirloom jewellery like a set of earrings, teeka or saharey with this hairstyle.



For more wedding style inspo, check out Hania Amir in action for Sunsilk’s Wedding Diaries –

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