What to Eat at Karachi Eat 2019

It’s time to Eat, Eat, EAT – Karachi Eat is back with its annual food festival and we are super excited. Karachi’s first and arguably best food festival is back this weekend with 90 different vendors from all over the city, many offering dishes created specially for the event.

You won’t find these gelato tacos on the menu at Lals – they’ve created them specially for Karachi Eat 2019

Karachi Eat features a great mix of home-based caterers and restaurants serving a mind-boggling array of foods ranging from traditional Pakistani to distinctly exotic. It’s a great place to discover new eateries and a chance to sample a range of different cuisines. In the six years since Karachi Eat started, many of us have found ourselves dividing our appetites between old favourites and new discoveries.

These from Shrooms look intriguing …. in my head these have a bao like consistency

There are always a couple of major hits every year that feature long queues and sold-out stalls – like Taco Cat and the donut burger at Two Guys One Grll last year.

This year we’ve rounded up some of the most interesting looking dishes that you might want to check out before the stalls get too busy or sell out.

Puff Nest Beef Burger by Wrappeite at Karachi Eat 2019

We’re not sure exactly what a puff nest Burger is but we can’t wait to find out – and Wrappeite’s other offerings look equally tempting.

Desi Gali’s Disco Khakra

This Disco Kakhra could be fusion food at its best – meat, cheese, jalapenos, lettuce and pomegranate seeds on a crispy khakra – a cross between a taco and chaat!

Sweet Green’s Tacos

Talking of tacos, this yummy-looking number by Sweet Greens is on our list to try!

Sweet Green’s Taco

Lal’s Gelato Tacos

Also on this year’s must-have list are Lal’s Gelato Tacos… these look soooo good.

Burger Bros Sliders

We’ve been hearing a LOT about Burger Bros sliders from friends and these delectable morsels look oh -so-good …. these are high on our agenda!

Hot Bombz

We remember these guys from last year – we can’t wait to try their two flavours:

Classic Hotbombz: Mashed potatoes, mac n cheese and sweet corn covered in hot cheetos crumb and topped off with siracha mayo (BEST SELLER LAST YEAR)

BBQ bombz: Mashed potatoes, mac n cheese and sweet corn covered in BBQ crisps and topped off with a smokey ranch sauce

Om Nom Bros

Souvlaki, Bunelos and more – amazing street food from Nigeria, Greece, Brazil, a very special sweet dessert. This stall looks like a must visit.

Red volks flamin dog/hot rod

These are corn dogs but not as you know them – these spicy souped up versions are sure to get your taste buds tingling.

Cloud Naan

Puns and comfort food – what more could we want?! Stuffed Naans are a brilliant festival food – hot, portable and versatile. We can’t wait to try these two – the smokin’ chick to start and the hazelnut oreo for a sweet finish.

iScream ice-cream sandwiches

Now that looks like one sweet treat ! Hand made Ice-cream sandwiched between freshly baked cookies and biscuits ..mmmmm

Boom Boom’s Beef Chilli Fries

The Cricket Club Cafe has a great menu fro Karachi Eat – Tendulkar’s Teriyaki Chicken Slider | Lara’s Smoky Beef Slider | Punter’s Pizza Sandwich | Boom Boom’s Beef Chilli Fries | Sixer BBQ Wings. The only question is which to try first.

You can grab a smaller version of this mammoth burger by The Cricket Club Cafe

Nachos in a bag by Doh

Yes yes, we know that Doritos aren’t Nachos… but that isn’t going to stop us enjoying the cheesy salsa goodness.

Hell Melt by Slam Vich

Hot cheese and jalapenos – that’s a match made in heaven even if Slam Vich call it the Hell Melt. Lead us to it!

Pataakha Chat from Rajjo

Crispy pooris, tangy chutney , spice and crunch… we need this and we need it now!

Stuffed Brioche

These stuffed brioche buns by le Saint Honore bakery look so good that we’ll probably bag them to go with us.


Ditto these cronuts from Hobnob – the perfect combo of croissant and donut – oh my!

Rigo’s Chimney cake

Rigo’s is offering a chimney cake from Budapest and traditional pretzels too – we want to compare these to last year’s hit Cafe Praha.

Cafe Praha Mac ‘n Cheese Chimney

Talking of Cafe Praha, not only are they back with their sweet chimney cakes, they’ve added a savoury version too. Meet the Mac n Cheese Chimney!

Singapore Rice by Spicogetti

Now this looks like a great spicy treat from Spicogetti!

Funnel Chicken from Lady Marmalade

The woman behind deep fried oreos brings you another indulgent treat – a funnel chicken burger. Food festival fun … just don’t tell your trainer.

An artery clanger but oh-so-yum

Nitrogen Paan

Last year we tried the fire paan at Karachi Eat. This year Panwaari are bringing the Nitrogen paan …we don’t know what it is either but we’re definitely going to find out!

This year Karachi Eat will be held at Beach View Park. The festival runs from Friday, January 11th till Sunday, January 13th. The timings for Friday are starting from 4pm to 10:30pm and 12:30pm to 10:30pm for Saturday and Sunday.

We don’t know what this is but we’re obsessed by Netflix’s Bird Box so we’re gonna go investigate

Ticket prices are Rs300 out of which, Rs100 will be redeemable inside, as per last year and it’s family only so if you’re a group of guys do make sure to ask your sister or mum or cousin to help you get in.

The list of Stalls at Karachi Eat 2019
A map of Karachi Eat 2019
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