What’s On in Karachi: 12th to 18th April

This week is full of interesting events, be it exhibitions for upcoming Eid ul Fitr, or the Qavvali Night in T2F, this week in Karachi caters to all interests. For the quirky comic-con lovers, this year Karachi once again celebrates the Comic-Con! For the spiritual yogis there is a very interesting class called “Dream Catchers” at MUV base. This week definitely seems like the perfect time to try something new.

Iffat Spring Summer Pret Exhibition

Iffat launches her new season of casuals and semi formals this weekend – get a head start on you Ramazan and Eid shopping!

Date:  Saturday, 14th of April

Time:    10.30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Venue: 117/2 khayaban e badban off 26th street. D.H.A . Phase 5.

Contact 03007039208

Safia Ali – Eid Collection Exhibition

Safia Ali invites you to attend her Eid ul Fitr collection 2018 on Thursday 12th April between 1PM to 7PM and Friday 13th April between 3PM to 7PM

Date: 12th and 13th April

Time: 1PM to 7PM (12th April) 3PM to 7PM (13th April)

Venue: House 45/2, lane 18th, Phase 7, D.H.A, Karachi

Block Seven 70% Off 2 Day KARACHI Exhibition

Upto 70% on everything. Dresses, blouses, button downs shirts,chiffon tops, pants, scarves, tights,beach wear, tank tops, pallazos and jewellery.

Date: 12th April

Time: 12PM to 8:30PM

Venue: Ellemint|Pret, 10th Street, Khayabane Shamsheer

Karachi ka Manzarnama by Vasl Artist’s Association

Vasl Artists’ Association is pleased to share ‘Karachi ka Manzarnama’, an exhibition of works which reflect upon the city of Karachi.

Karachi ka Manzarnama was a travelling collection of artworks, which was part of the Azme Naujawan Project. Curated and designed by Vasl, these works were taken to 6 community centers, inviting visitors from the neighborhood to explore the pleasures and challenges of urban living through a range of mediums employed by the artists.

To conclude this city-wide project Vasl brings the artworks to its’ final stop at the Faraar Gallery, T2F.

This particular show includes work by:
Adeela Suleman, Anousha Hassan, Arsalan Nasir, Fatima Munir, Gina Gul, Halima Sadia, Haider Ali Naqvi, Muhammad Zeeshan, Munawar Ali Syed, Naila Mahmood, Omer Wasim, Razin Rubin, Samra Roohi, Seema Nusrat, Seher Naveed and Shahana Munawar.

Opening Reception: Thursday, April 12 2018
Time: 05:00 PM – 08:00 PM
Place: Faraar Gallery, T2F

An interactive piece by Razin Rubin from 5:00 PM on wards,
A performance by Munawar Ali Syed at 6:15 PM
A video Installation by Omer Wasim & Saira Sheikh at 7:00 PM

Jokes on Jumeraat

The comedy scene in Karachi is ballooning quicker than your waist after three days of Karachi Eat. Get a hold of yourself Amjad! What is wrong with you?

The Grid Club is proud to host the newest addition to the comedy circuit, a bi-monthly comedy open mic night with a brand new host each time, every alternate Thursday at your favorite community centre!

So come out this Thursday for a good laugh with your friends. Or alone. Or whatever, to watch a good mix of new and old, aspiring and amateur comedians present their Jokes on Jumeraat!

Date: 12th April

Time: 8PM to 10PM

Venue: The Grid, 31-C, 7th Lane, Bukhari Commercial

Qavvaali Mahfil: Najmuddin Saifuddin & Brothers

Back by popular demand, T2F is proud to present a night of Qavvaali Mahfil with Najmuddin Saifuddin & Brothers on 13th April 2018 from 8pm to 10pm.

Keeping the flame of the Delhi Gharana alive, Najmuddin Saifuddin & Brothers perform traditional qavvaali. As the sons of Ustad Bahauddin, one of our greatest qavvaals, from whom they have learnt, Najmuddin, Saifuddin & Brothers have perfected over 20 years of live performances around the world. The troupe has toured throughout Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, and across South Asia, and have received multiple accolades for their renditions.

In addition to performances, Najmuddin Saifuddin and Brothers are committed to sharing their art and knowledge by presenting lectures and workshops about the tradition and history of qavvaali.

Date: Friday, 13th April 2018
Place: Faraar Gallery, T2F
Time: 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Entry: Rs. 500/-

Ultimate Comic Con – Karachi

Get ready for the Ultimate comic con experience. This one day event is filled with every element that makes a comic con great.
From displays to cosplay. The one stop for ultimate fans of DCEU, MCU, Anime, Sci fi films and tv series. Ultimate comic con is the experience you don’t want to miss out on.

Location: The Global Marquee

The following are the events to be held
Cosplay competition (ramp show)
Defend your Hero
Manga storyboard sketching competition
L.A.R.P competition
V.A competition
And many more

Along with retail stalls and food stalls. More details soon to come! So don’t miss out on this ultimate experience. For more info keep checking updates!

Date: 14th April

Time: 3PM onwards

Venue: Global Marquees, opposite gora kabristan

Open House Storytelling Session


Liberty Books is organizing storytelling session for children aged (4 to 9 years) which is absolutely free to attend.

Book 1: Miss Suki Is Kooky! (For ages 4 to 6 years)
Book 2: The Enchanted Wood (For ages 7 to 9 years)

Date: Saturday, 14th April 2018
Venue: Liberty books, Clifton (Near BBQ Tonight)
Time: 3 pm to 5 pm

Dream Catching

Dream Catching ?

A two part workshop revolving around meditation, creativity and potential spiritual growth.

In the first part we will be learning about Chakras: the seven centres of spiritual power in the human body.
Chakras are like a roadmap or guidebook to yourself and how you’re showing up in the world. They give you a feedback loop of information. Giving you the insight into patterns that you are creating in your life.
• Having trouble speaking your thoughts? You probably have Throat Chakra issues to work through.
• Are feelings of anger and resentment harbouring inside? Might mean you need to open up that Heart Chakra
• Troublesome relationships? There’s probably a Sacral Chakra issue you’re avoiding.
• Feeling down about yourself? Then more than likely it’s a Solar Plexus Chakra issue you need to focus on.
In this part of the workshop we will be learning about the Chakras in detail to figure out how we can balance our physical, emotional and spiritual selves through discussion, a yoga flow and a guided meditation.
The second part of the workshop allows us to bask in the afterglow of the first half by mindfully creating a Dreamcatcher.
Dream catchers are one of the most fascinating traditions of Native Americans. The traditional dream catcher was intended to protect the sleeping individual from negative dreams, while letting positive dreams through. The positive dreams would slip through the hole in the center of the dream catcher, and glide down the feathers to the sleeping person below. The negative dreams would get caught up in the web, and expire when the first rays of the sun struck them.
While weaving, we will discuss and honour the legends and tradition of this craft, as well as the spiritual significance. The workshop will close by smudging the dream catchers and giving thanks.
All supplies to make the dream catchers will be provided for during the workshop. The participants may also wish to bring any personal treasures, beads, trinkets, etc. that they may wish to incorporate into their dream catcher or share with others.
HOSTS: Amafah + Ramsha

Deadline to register 5th April
*This workshop is limited to 15 participants only.

Jambro at The Grid

Another weekend, another night of epic jams! We’re going for acoustic vibes this time around and are pretty darn sure its going to be another level of epic!
See you all at The Grid this Saturday! Jamming starts at 7:00 PM! Event is free to attend but registration is a must!
Register here: http://jambro.co/opportunities-thegrid.php
Musicians make sure you’ve activated your Jambro profile on the apps and bring along your instrument of choice to the jam!

Date: 14th April

Time: 7PM to 12AM

Venue: The Grid 31-C, 7th Lane, Bukhari Commercial

Soo e Daar Chalay by Khalid Ahmad

An urdu translation of “Antigone”

Date: 14th April

Time: 7:30 PM t o 9:30 PM

Venue: T2F

LRBT Fundraiser : Immortal Melodies by Tina Sani

LRBT is the largest NGO of Pakistan fighting blindness in the country since 1985. It runs a network of 19 eye hospitals and 56 primary eye care centers spread all over the country in such a way that they cover approx 70% of the country. We are holding a Musical Evening of Immortal Melodies by Tina Sani on April 14th 2018 at Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture to raise funds for the treatment of Cataract, Glaucoma, Retinal and Corneal diseases among children and adults who are too poor to afford the treatment. The show will open by an interpretive classical dance performance by Suhaee Abro.

LRBT is the largest provider of free eye care for the poor in the world and the only safety net for 21 million Blind and Visually Impaired (11% of the total population) in Pakistan. LRBT began its journey in 1985 with a highly ambitious Mission: “no man, woman or child should go blind just because they cannot afford the treatment”. 32 years later we have treated 38 million patients and conducted 3.7 million surgeries, totally free of cost for the poor. During the year ending June 2017 alone, over 2.9 million patients visited our OPDs and over 267,000 surgeries were performed. That means 9000 patients in OPD & 1000 surgeries every working day. We are the backbone of eye care in Pakistan as we treat 36% of all eye patients in the country.

Time: 7:30 PM to 11 PM

Date: 14th April

Venue: Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture

LOLWaalay LOLshedding Special

Bijli bhari hai mere ang ang mein does not apply to K-Electric!

Say no to loadshedding but yes to LOLshedding! Power companies may be suffering at the hands of SSGC and shortfall of megawatts, but we always have a surplus of LOLZ. So come join us at on Sunday, the 15th of April at the PACC for a night of megawatt madness!

What? Improvisational comedy show!
When? Sunday the 15th of April!
Where? PACC

– Tickets Rs. 800 each and will be available online (https://goo.gl/qTBkCA) and at the venue
– Gates open at 8 P.M, show starts at 8 30 P.M
– Children under 13 are not allowed

Akbar Chaudry
Ali Gul Pir
Sannan Wastani
Syed Muhammad Kumail
Zubair Tariq

Art Studio at AFK

Join an ongoing art workshop to learn pencil drawing, watercolor and acrylic on canvas. Open to adults. Starts 16 April 2018. Call us on (021) 35873402 or email [email protected] to get more information. Visit #AFKarachi to register.

Starts: 16 April 2018
Duration: Ongoing weekly workshop
Time: Mondays 4 to 6 PM
Monthly Course Fee: Rs. 8,000
AFK Membership Fee: Rs. 2000

We recommend at least 3 months of participation to see results.

-Pencil on paper
-Water color on paper
-Acrylic on canvas

Areas of Study:
-Elements of Art & design
-Still life
-Understanding the work of an old master

Learning Outcomes:
-Aesthetic qualities & an understanding of the elements of Art & Design in concept and execution.
-Artistic skills in an informed and disciplined manner
-basic drawing & painting

Fizza Saleem is a Pakistani painter. A student of the National College of Arts until 2001, she completed her BFA degree from The Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture in 2002 with a Major in Painting.

She has been involved with students as visiting faculty at the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, Szabist, Agha Khan University and headed A Level Art and Design at the Karachi Grammar School for almost a decade. She has been showcased in numerous national and international art exhibits.

Fizza runs an outdoor club that explores historical sights of Karachi and encourages children to express themselves freely. She is currently painting at her studio and will be going to Italy for an artists’ residency in October.

Outsiders- Urban subcultures in Germany and Pakistan

Presented by the Goethe-Institut Pakistan in collaboration with Amin Gulgee Gallery

On urban subcultures in Germany and Pakistan. Brilliant Dilletantes in dialogue.
16 April 2018 – 30 April, 2018

From April, the Goethe-Institut Pakistan, in collaboration with Amin Gulgee Gallery is thrilled to present the Outsiders, a curated event series that showcases the intense flurry of cultural activity that was the ‘Brilliant Dilletantes’ subculture in 1980s Berlin and across Germany, curated by Mathilde Weh and Leonhard Emmerling.

Date: 16th April

Time: 5PM to 8PM

Venue: Amin Gulgee Gallery, Karachi

Ciné Club at AFK: À peine j’ouvre les yeux

Join us at the Ciné Club at the Alliance Française de Karachi every Tuesday to enjoy a French film with English subtitles!

Time: 6:30 to 8 PM
Entry: Free entry, open to all

THIS WEEK: As I Open My Eyes (2015)

A few months before the revolution in Tunisia, 18 year-old Farah has a passion for life and sings in a political rock band. Her mother, knowing the dangers of Tunisia, wants her to pursue a career as a doctor.

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