What’s On in Karachi 5th March to 11th March 2020

Blocked is back with their Spring’20 collections. An array of unique, summery blockprinted numbers to choose from, featuring their signature kingri border. Cuckoo’s also launching their Spring/Summer 2020 collection this weekend! Knits N Knots by Aiman & Amber are having their Eid/Spring exhibition – lots of light casuals and gorgeous semi-formals to pick from. Time to start piecing together your Spring/Summer wardrobe. Exhibitions aside, this week focuses greatly on the importance of gender equality, featuring Aurat March happening at Frere Hall, followed by a panel discussion in celebration of International Women’s Day, recognising acts of courage and determination by women who’ve played an extraordinary role in their fields, along with the 1st Women Conference, an event to celebrate all women and discuss the nature of challenges faced by women today. NAPA International Performing Arts Festival 2020 is here. Come and enjoy unique performances by artists from seven different countries – 18 performances in 18 days. It’s a busy week ahead!

Blocked Spring’20 Karachi Exhibition

Blocked Textiles invites you to an exhibition of their Spring/Summer collection of Block Prints (Pret & Unstitched).
Please note: We will have a 40% sale on limited stock

We will not open doors before 9 am. Cars will not be permitted to park in front of or too close to the gate. This is to ensure we can provide a pleasant shopping experience. Kindly instruct your drivers accordingly.
Look forward to seeing you there. This event is for women only.

Date: Saturday 7th March 2020

Time: 9 AM – onwards

Venue: 184, St.20, Kh e Roomi, Phase 8, DHA

Cuckoo’s Spring/Summer Exhibit

Cuckoo’s launching their Spring/Summer 2020 collection at The Patio this weekend! Deck your wardrobe with breezy casuals.

Date: 7th March 2020

Time: 12 PM – 7 PM

Venue: The Patio

Knits N Knots by Aiman & Amber’s Exhibit

Knits N Knots by Aiman & Amber invite you to their Eid/Spring exhibition – light casuals and gorgeous semi-formals to pick from. See you all there!

Date: 10th March 2020

Time: 11 AM – 6 PM

Venue: 160-L, Block 3, PECHS

Contact: 03452131810 or 03222487100

Aurat March Karachi

Aurat March is back!
Aurat March is being organized for the past three years now, this year being the third year, on 8th March, the International Women’s Day.

Aurat March is a day to raise voice against injustice and abuse faced by women, and also to celebrate womanhood and femininity, to break the oppressive patriarchal structures.

Join us on Sunday, 8th March 2020, at 3pm at Frere Hall, Karachi.

Aurat March demands:
1) End to all forms of violence against women, trans and non binary folks, including sexual violence such as rape and sexual assault;
2) Economic justice for women to end wage gap and exploitation of women’s labour;
3) Reproductive rights;
4) Environmental justice, to ensure right to clean water and air for ALL;
5) Right to the city given to all, Karachi belongs to all women & trans people, specially those women who are poor or/and disabled.
6) An end to forced conversion of girls of religious minorities;
7) Political participation of women, trans and non binary people to be encouraged
8) An increase in women’s participation and decision-making roles in media and STEM

Men can also join the March, if are with at least two women.

Date: 8th March 2020

Time: 3 PM – onwards

Venue: Frere Hall

A Panel Discussion on Gender Perspectives & Women’s Empowerment

REGISTER HERE: https://bit.ly/3aiiSD7
Join us at the British Council library to celebrate women and girls, their powerful work and boundless strength!

We’re pleased to bring you a panel discussion in celebration of International Women’s Day, recognising acts of courage and determination by women who’ve played an extraordinary role in their fields.

Our diverse panel of speakers are trailblazing women from Pakistan, who will share their inspirational experiences and success stories that challenge stereotypes and will help broaden perceptions for a gender equal world.

The panel discussion will be followed by a performance by Natasha Humera Ejaz, a singer and songwriter and one of Pakistan’s best young talents.

Participants will be served refreshments from our in-house café, Espresso.

#WomensDay #EachforEqual

– Introduction – About the British Council, the panel and the session
– Panel discussion – A conversation with our speakers
– Audience Q/A with the panelists
– Performance – Natasha Ejaz LIVE in concert

Date: 6th March 2020

Time: 6:30 PM – 9 PM

Venue: British Council Library

NAPA’s International Performing Arts Festival 2020

Schedule of NAPA International Performing Arts Festival 2020 is here. Come and enjoy unique performances by artists from seven different countries.

Take some time out to enjoy 18 different performances in 18 days.

Book your tickets now:

Yayvo: http://yayvo.com/ipaf2020

Book it now : https://bit.ly/2vaB8iI

Our Instagram Page : https://www.instagram.com/napa.karachi/

Date: 5th – 22nd March 2020

Timing: 8:00 pm sharp

Venue: NAPA

Ticket Price: Rs.800 general entry/Rs.400 for students.

1st Women Conference

We are proud to present the 1st Women Conference, an event to celebrate all women and discuss the nature of challenges faced by women today.

Join us as we learn from the past, debate about the present and set the tone for a hopeful future at the 1st Women Conference.

Dates: 6th – 7th March 2020

Time: 3 PM – 8 PM

Venue: Arts Council

Koel Gallery Celebrates Craft Traditions


Our history and heritage define who we are. The crafts traditions are an integral part of our heritage, to be preserved, cherished and sustained.

KOEL Gallery was set up with the aim of providing a common platform for the arts and crafts. Its avowed mission was to “Bridge the gap between the Arts and Crafts.”

Ten years after its inception, KOEL now takes another step towards creating a space where the community of artists and crafts-persons can mingle and visitors can explore a spectrum of creative endeavour.

We welcome to our new space three ventures working with master craftsmen to produce objects of worth and beauty.

Zahra Ebrahim
The dedicated team at Zahra Ebrahim defines luxurious experience as that where one can truly be his or her most authentic self. We design contemporary pieces that celebrate age-old local craft
practices and evoke the rich vocabulary of Islamic art and the natural forms of our land in an attempt to shape an identity for interior spaces in Pakistan.

Indus Heritage Trust
The Indus Heritage Trust was set up to encourage and sustain crafts communities in Sindh and South Punjab. Besides encouraging innovation in design -while remaining true to the core of crafts traditions- it has opened up entrepreneurial pathways for a substantial number of crafts-persons.

Vintage Gallery
At Vintage Gallery, our ethos is to keep the unique art & craft of our craftsmen from yesteryears alive and relevant. We source, collect, showcase and curate an exquisite array of hand made pieces in brass, copper and silver from the subcontinent and beyond.

Date: 10th March 2020

Time:  5 PM – 8 PM

Venue: Koel Gallery

International Youth Media Day

International Youth Media Day will be celebrated in 20 countries by International Youth Media Summit delegates around the world. The delegates from Pakistan will be organising the event in collaboration with Vaasil Productions at T2F where they will screen the films that were produced in different countries during the International Youth Media Summits.

This will be an opportunity for the youth of Karachi to watch the films and interact with the filmmakers who produced these award winning films. The filmmakers will share their experience of working with an international crew and producing a film in a different country. The screenings and interactive session will be followed by a panel discussion with prominent Pakistani filmmakers who will be sharing their stories and experiences working in Pakistani film industry. The theme of the panel discussion will be ‘Power of Storytelling’ and the speakers will talk about how filmmaking is an important tool in the world today and how the youth can make the best use of it. The participants will also get a chance to learn how they can tell the stories more eloquently and create powerful films.

Date: Saturday, 7th March 2020

Time: 07:00 PM – 08:30 PM

Venue: Faraar Gallery, T2F
Entry: Rs.200/-

Dhrupad Revival – The Oldest Style of Classical Singing

Join us at T2F for Dhrupad Revival with Aliya Rasheed on Tuesday, 10th March at 8:30 PM!

Date: Tuesday, 10th March 2020

Timings: 08:30 PM – 09:45 PM

Location: Faraar Gallery, T2F
Entry: Rs. 500/- (Available at Venue)

Life of Strays

‘Life of Strays’, a two-person show by Rahat Niazi and Ali Khurshid, opens at Faraar Gallery, T2F, on Thursday, 5th March 2020, from 5 pm – 8 pm.

Rahat Niazi is a sculptor and a print maker based in Karachi. Art has always held a very crucial role in her life, helping her through her teens to cope with varying emotions. Rahat’s artistic practice revolves around the idea of existence and how very easily one tends to forget their purpose in life. This theme is not always voluntary, sometimes external factors lead up to one losing their identity and feeling worthless for the rest of their life. She feels this is something everyone needs to get out of and to start this process one first needs to start being more acceptive towards all species around us specially strays.

This can very easily be concise into Anatole France’s quote,
“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

Ali Khurshid is an aspiring athlete, animal rescuer, photographer and entrepreneur based out of Karachi. His photography does not rest in one genre and he uses light to guide his forms coming to life.

Opening Reception: Thursday, 5th March 2020

Timings: 05:00 PM – 08:00 PM

Location: Faraar Gallery, T2F

Exhibition remains open until Thursday, 19th March 2020 between 12 noon to 10 pm everyday.

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